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Benelli M4 -- Reborn


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Finally got some things squared away. Figured I'd snap a couple photos while I was in the war room. The lighting sucks...


The collapsible stock is slick. I'm glad I finally got around to getting one.


Right now I'm using a basic light setup with my Scout. No tape switch to the grip for now. The placement it is in is pretty intuitive and easy to use. I ditched the LaRue mount to bring the light closer to the rail and to save an ounce. I removed the shell carrier as well. The weapon feels a lot handier.


My rear sling mount from Mesa is still inbound. I have a padded VCAS QD sling. I also have an enlarged safety coming some time this next week.





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Thanks all.


The rail covers are LaRue index clips. I have some black ones somewhere.


I wish I could get an old Sidarmor rail that is essentially a barrel clamp that puts the light in the same location. Then I could drop the full rail and go with Kip's. The goal would be weight savings. I'd probably save 5 ounces.


I might get a GearSector sling mount for the front. They're a little lower profile than the Daniel Defense ones. It pulls the sling in closer too.


Now, I need a 14" entry barrel. ;)


Not even close on the round count. No humidity in my part of Arizona. So solid 5 round sleeves.


Hint: there are 3 layers of vertical sleeves and one layer of hoizontal ones on the top. Tweakers can't steal it either, it weighs too much for them to deadlift.

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I thought about using the 870 as a hint. ;)


I've tried the T1 in many different positions. So far I've found the FOV is obstructed around the target area more with it pushed forward. It is also much more sensitive to your cheek weld. Further back allows a wide FOV through the optics tube.


The optics housing is minimal, so it obstructs very little. I'll keep trying different arrangements though in the field.


Right now I'm leaning towards leaving the Scout as is. I hate tape switches. The install process on the collapsible stock for a grip mod would be complicated. There isn't anywhere to store excess cabling. I like the momentary control on the Scout as well as the locked on option.


My hope is to find a way to attach the light in it's current position or slightly further forward without the need of the rail system. Ditch it for 9 ounces of weight savings. Use of the FFT hand guards is mandatory. Then I'd go to Kip's top rail.


This years goal is to go class 3 with it and find a 14" barrel too. Then nab a titanium shorty tube from Kip. All his new internal parts as well, hammer and disconnector.


I'm in Vegas now. Really looking forward to going to the show in the morning!

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