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Mesa Urbino...how is yours staying snug?


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Did you use a flat-head attachment, or what?


I think I like Benelli's OEM system the best. So I re-created it by JB Kwik Welding the washer/bolt in place on the Urbino stock. Now it is identical to the OEM stock in form/function. Problem permanently solved. M1014 now field-strips without tools, cannot shoot the stock loose.


Thanks goes to Mitch of Mesa Tactical for the idea.

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Yeah, I wondered about that. Seems like you would have to tighten the stock on THEN somehow cement the washer/bolt in place. Not sure how you would accomplish that. Benelli OEM has figured something out in relation to this alignment.

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Same conclusion I came to after looking at it for a while. Thread locker and the stock retainer screw do not mix if you ever plan to remove the stock for maintenance. That little snap ring won't do anything to retain the stock retainer. It'll push right through it if you have a seized mounting bolt and stock retainer.

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This makes me sad, I can't get a collapsible because I live in California. Also I don't have long arms so the OEM is workable, but a little long for comfort. I found the Urbino to be a proper length for me, but if the screw comes out too easily that will be a problem. I haven't had enough time to shoot it recently to observe this first hand, but this is discouraging.

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So what's the final verdict? Is the Urbino worth buying for a shorter LOP?


If the stock LOP fits you well and it's comfortable to shot for the time frames, clothing, gear and loads you most frequent... then there's little advantage.

At 5'10"/165 lbs; I personally find the Urbino stock to be well worth the money on my M2T. The Limbsaver pad, the fatter, more square-backed grip (which I didn't think I'd like at all) that seems to distribute recoil to my hand better than the stocker... and the cheekweld/sight picture all suit me to a tee.


I'd bet that if you ask around in your location, you can find someone with an Urbino stocked gun that would let you, at least, shoulder the gun, and perhaps fire it. I've been approached on three separate occasions via e-mail, and too many times to count at local ranges. I suspect my gun has been responsible for more than a few Urbino sales.




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