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Benelli M4 LOADED for sale.


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New Benelli M4, only shots fired were at factory. Below is a list of items installed. This model does have the notched buttstock tube that does accept the collapsible buttstock if you want to add it.



  • Full length 7shot Factory Mag tube
  • FFT Red follower and extended wolf spring.
  • FFT trigger, disconnect and Hammer
  • Taran Tactical full length shell elevator
  • Taran Tactical Oversized Safety
  • A&S Engineering New Black Anodized Aluminum Trigger housing.
  • Proffessionaly Stippled Forend


See attached photos, Lowered TO $1650 shipped. Not parting this one out, Decided i don't need two of these.


[email protected]







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I know you said not interested in parting out.


I am interested in the entire FCG - Safety, Lifter, Housing, et al.

I would also like the forend.

And the follower and spring.


I'd trade in the OEM parts I have, so you still have a complete firearm.


Probably be able to off load the OEM build easier on GB / at least get closer to value that way.

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Thanks for the offer but it’s too nice of a package to break up. I’m not selling it because I need the money, I’m selling it because I don’t need two of them. If I can’t get what I want for it I guess I’ll keep it but I am just not interested in parting it out.

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That's more than a fair price for that gun. I think it's a matter of exposure why it isn't gone already. Small world here. I'd be willing to suffer thru owning two of them if I could afford to buy another!



Agreed, it is on Gunbroker and three other websites now, should be gone soon.

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I know, trust me I’m about to just pull it down and keep it and sell a different one. Just very shotgun heavy right now.

I had an SR25 upper for sale for the last week or so. I had dropped down to $1375. Then I said...screw this, and bumped the price UP to $1475. yesterday I got a rather committed buyer, and another guy pissed that he wasn't first, and claiming seconds if the first falls through, at $1475.


That shotgun is just looking for a buyer, same as the SR25 lower was. Price won't matter as much as buyer. Bump it back up to what you had it listed at and get a few hundred more. It's worth it. Just need the right buyer, because the WRONG buyer won't even take it for $1450 shipped, and the right one will for $1850 without blinking.

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Wait... do you have a complete SR25? That was the project that interrupted the M4 build last time around.

I did. I bought it before I bought my house, which I was not planning to buy. I foresaw myself having more land than I do (6.15 acres), and 2-400 yard shots possible. That said, I now have a maximum range of 95 yards on my property. I chose to buy a house by the river instead of going with a larger plot. Naturally, the land by the river (bass fishing, kayak-able, year-round spring fed) commanded a premium over "just land", and so I ended up with less.


It led to me creating Project M1014...again, but I was not satisfied with that. It's just not "special" enough for me, and I've winnowed things down pretty much to "special" guns, such as my Hodge Defense MOD 2, my Gray Guns custom P226 that Torie and Bruce built for me, and so the M1014 got the axe, too...but that Aimpoint and that M300 scout on a shotgun...that was video-game fun/effective!


So, I have another project in the works. I will unveil it when it's finished. In the mean time, here's a picture of the house I bought taken from about 1/3 of the way into the front (back?) lawn. Included is a satellite image for reference. It was perfect for me. 1600sf, Well water, hardwood downstairs, carpet upstairs, vaulted 18ft ceilings, construction 2006, screened in porch, neighbors not too close, very rural, yet 35 min from work, right on the river (see satellite), and 10mb/s uncapped internet (nothing impressive, but for where it is!?), and a large detatched garage with concrete foundation, electric door, etc. I pretty much had to buy it, but again, it relegated the SR25 to the..."but what for?" pile, especially as there are no ranges within hours of me that are beyond 100 yards.



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