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New M4 owner questions re Aimpoint mounting

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Hello all, brand new M4 owner here. Had a couple different questions to gather insight from those much more knowledgeable than me.


I have a Daniel Defense AR that I don't shoot that much that has an Aimpoint T2 on it. The mount is a Daniel Defense mount that either cowitnesses or does a 1/3 cowitness with standard AR iron sights.


1) Would that be a good pair to put on the M4? I wasn't sure if the Daniel Defense mount might sit the T2 too high. (Also, note that the M4 came with a shell holder, so the Scalarworks mount that I have seen touted wouldn't really be an option without losing the shellholder.


(Also note, I do otherwise like the Scalarworks mount)


2) If using the T2 with existing mount is advised/acceptable, do you suggest mounting it closer to the front or back of the shotgun?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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A 1/3 cowitness isn’t going to be ideal. It will work, but your cheekweld will be compromised. I prefer the Velcro shell carriers or to keep them on my belt via a California Competition speed loaded. Instead of cherry picking one round at a time, you scoop up 3-4 rounds in to your hand and start stuffing. How many you grab will depend on your hand side. The Velcro ones weigh a lot less and crush flat when not being used.

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That mount? Waaaayyy too high for a shotgun, IMHO. Larue, MI, or even the Aimpoint low-mount would be a much, much better choice. Position is pretty much shooter's choice. I prefer more to the rear myself, but that's just me. It's easy to move around (although, in reality, there's not that much real estate you're dealing with there) so try it in different positions yourself. You're the one that's going to be using it. Put it where you like it.

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I have an Aimpoint Micro T1 on my M4 with a low mount LaRue quick detach (LT661 Short QD). Even with this low mount you will not be able to co-witness with iron sights; obviously you can easily see the front sight though the Aimpoint, but can't see to align with rear sight. However, the LaRue Quick Release easily detaches with use of one hand; therefore, Benelli M4 Right.jpg

if Aimpoint fails, then remove. If complete co-witnessing is your desire without an extra step detaching a malfunctioning red-dot, then use a Trijicon RMR style red dot.

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Following up on Stranger Danger's suggestion of a velcro side saddle.... I'd highly recommend buying the replacement carrier from VangComp and just putting some self adhesive loop on the side of your m4. To me it's the best mix of stiffness, hold on the shells, and easy of retrieval. But they are pricey at $20 a pop unless you get them from a reseller like brownell's with a coupon code.

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