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WTS: Complete Benelli M4 With Asgard Rail System


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I've decided to go a different direction with semi-auto shotguns and so am putting my Benelli M4 up for sale. It has less than 300 rounds through it. It has performed flawlessly with everything from heavy target loads, up to every kind of heavy 00 Buck and slug loads I've run through it. It was made in 2018.


It comes with the complete Asgard rail system with side saddle shell carrier.


It comes with the full length magazine tube and Collapsible stock.


I also added an larger charging handle, titanium.


Total value if purchased new with rail system: $2600.


Will ship to any USA address to your FFL who must accept from a private party seller.


Price $1600, firm.

Insured shipping via FedEx Ground: $35.00

No trades.

Selling as is, will not sell parts, etc.



Payment via USPS Money Order Only.

Reference upon request. I have nearly 300 transactions on Gunbroker with an A+ rating and 500 on eBay with Five Star rating.


I am listing this on several gun forums.


More photos available via this IMGUR photo album: https://imgur.com/a/isdQm60




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I gotta agree, if I sell **** with an issue, I disclose the issue.


This ad here, is the same ad he posted at Sniper'sHide (where he sold it) it says nothing of the issue he encountered with the gun.


Here is a second thread he posted up of him saying how the gun has functioning issues with some ammo.



If you recall, this is the same gun he tried to sell here once before for almost a thousand bucks more than this second time.

He removed the price and the pics of it.



So he said it's sold. Then the next day after an apparent epiphany, he posts; "God help me, I had offers but I just couldn't sell it."




Then he puts it up for sale again in this thread, several weeks after he posts the problems with it, for almost a thousand bucks less than the first time. And, does not mention anything about reliability issues he had with some ammo he used.


Yeah that's right, when you sell something, full disclosure.


What a joke. Zero credibility.

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Any sane person would see that Evolution... he posted issues with his gun and didn't mention them in a sales thread. A "lie of omission" and now he's obsessed with winning for some strange reason...

A lie of omission? No. He said


It has performed flawlessly with everything from heavy target loads, up to every kind of heavy 00 Buck and slug loads I've run through it.
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