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Leading I assume?


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Kind of freaked me out at first.  I started to think there was an issue with the chrome lining.  Then I quickly realized these must be flakes of lead.  Once the small specs came out with it I started feeling better.  

It just seemed like the flakes were quite long.  I also noticed the inside of the barrel became “cleaner”.  Still a ways to go.  Outside of using a Tornado brush is there anyway to speed up the cleaning process?  Or, should I just let the solvent sit longer?



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Have very similar result after 75 rounds of shouting this Slugs-Pleasure to shoot, removing lead was painfully


But this brushes (Spiral Brush/Tornado)- specially did the Job perfectly, from Bore Tech


   Spiral + Wire + Jag + Patches + Bore Tech Eliminator.

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Bore Tech’s Bronze Spiral Shotgun Brushes are unique, innovative, and effective. The Tornado style looped bristles are made from barrel safe phosphorous bronze and offer unsurpassed cleaning without any damaging side effects. These brushes offer an extended life span over standard wire bristle brushes and work great on stubborn plastic fouling.

This is all about chemical selection guide.



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Yes, you right to avoid using solvent that will remove copper, if you using Traditional Brass product. Bore Tech use Proof positive Product (Jags, Brushes and cleaning rods)- No reaction at all between Proof-Positive product and solvent.





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