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Geissele hammers?


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2 hours ago, 12508 said:

Has anyone tried the shooting sight hammer?  Claims to be S7 tool steel . . .

I have one in a a&s housing ..Fit good and around 1k thru it.Don’t see anymore wear then a factory hammer.I just read a tread about them not fitting with a&s on here.But mine did that’s weird  

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9 hours ago, 03svt said:

Too bad you didn't have it insured for what it's really worth.

Long story.

I sent it out Priority Mail. I got the address wrong. It came back. I asked the wife to resend, she did not send priority mail. No tracking, no insurance. 

Totally blows…


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On 11/2/2021 at 6:42 PM, No. 6 said:

As a precaution against it being "lost" in the Post Office, I've taken to taping the bubble wrap completely closed and include on BOTH sides my return address taped to the outside.  Ask me why I started doing this....

I do this a lot. I also run a zip tie thru the box thru the part whenever possible. So even if the box is ripped open, it should stay with the packaging material.

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