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00 Buckshot getting harder to find


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I went to the range today to relax. You know the kind of day with loud percussion booms from my m4 and the smell of fresh gun powder in the air. A nice relaxing day right. I went to the counter to get my target ammo and my range only had two boxes of shells (two - ten packs). Needless to say my day there at the range didn’t last very long. I have plenty of ammo at home but that’s the private reserve.

Anyone else experiencing this in other states, or is it just my lovely state of California?

Looking forward to tomorrow though! Me and the wifey are taking a 3 hour defensive shotgun class at an outdoor range. So lucky/blessed to find a partner who loves to shoot as much as I do. 

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No dice. Our Walmarts no longer sell ammo. They stopped when the new law was implemented that requires a background check to buy ammo. Yes, in California a background check is required to buy any ammo.  I can’t even buy ammo online without it being shipped directly to an authorized ammo dealer or FFL, and most suppliers don't want to deal with the extra paperwork so they just won’t sell to California. 

Gotta love it!

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4 hours ago, Unobtanium said:

In a world where I can order flite control buckshot offline for $1/rd, I'd not buy range 00.

I wish I had those options. I pay $2 a rd for the cheap stuff. And don't even think about asking for reduced coil, flight control or any other cool stuff. 

For me my options are bird shot, 00 buck, or slugs. In whatever manufactures they have that day. If your lucky you might have two options to pick from. Most of the time it’s I’ll take whatever you got. 

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Buying range ammo is like buying movie theater popcorn.

Not really sure what the problem is. If you have “plenty of ammo” at home then use it up and continously replenish it. How do you even know the ammo you have horded will run in your Benelli?

As for price, unless you buy your ammo exclusively from scumbags like LAXAmmo, ammo supply is improving. Bass Proshop and Turner’s has had decent supply and prices. You can get turkish imported buckshot for like 0.75$ each at Turners. If you find a good deal online then ship it, its not that much more hassle or expensive.

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