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Esstac Shotgun card


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I’m considering using the esstac shotgun card on my Benelli M4 as I like the idea of having several cards that also fit in M4 pouches and I don’t like existing saddle options as I’m using a scalarworks mount.

For those that use them, do you run a 5,6, or 7 rd card? I have the extended tube. Also, any damage to receive if taking off the Velcro held on by adhesive? 

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9 hours ago, Unobtanium said:

I prefer the Vang Comp cards. I use the 6 shot version because that's what they're offered in. I have tried Esstac and SOE, and the Vang Comp is hands down the better product.

I want to give the Vang Comp cards a try. Where / what Velcro are you running on the receiver?

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I have both the esstac 7 round and vang comp 6 round cards. They both work fine. I wouldn’t want to lug a fully loaded M4 around with 7 extra rounds on the side for long. It gets heavy in a hurry for me. I think I prefer the 6 round cards. I’ve taken the adhesive backed Velcro off and it caused no damage and left no residue.

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On 6/12/2022 at 8:25 AM, iamrt said:

I did the 7 round card and actually had to remove the loop part to swap out the 5 round tube for a 7 round tube. Doing so didn't mar the receiver one bit or leave any residue.

Same here.

I did have to replace the loop velcro because the adhesive wasn't nearly as strong after being removed.

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