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Benelliparts.net legit or scam?


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Good to hear, thanks for all of the replies everybody.

I have read enough about the Benelli muzzle brakes but I am still on the fence a bit, as it would be over $420 with the exchange rate, Canadian dollar is weak...

Anybody have one that they could share some pro's and con's?

I am a Canadian gun lover, that being said anyone know if he ships to Canada?

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One needs to keep one's piece as light as possible for fast handling (not to mention adding length)...JMO. Speed is life. A nanosecond could mean the difference between looking at the grass from the green side or the brown side.

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5 hours ago, truckcop said:

Had one back in the day.  Useless appendage.  Save your money. Or use it to buy more ammo.

X2, I have one that doesn’t have the teeth in the front.  Couldn’t notice any difference on the recoil.  Buy more ammo. 

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On 2/8/2023 at 10:18 PM, Sukhoi_fan said:

One needs to keep one's piece as light as possible....

In which case you're starting with the wrong gun with the M4.

She's a little piggy even before people hang shit all over it.

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I have tried several muzzle brakes on two different shotguns including the M4. These include the "Mighty" tank knockoff. I could never perceive any difference whatsoever in terms of recoil but did notice a weight difference. Buy more ammo!

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