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how is everyone's duck season going?


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I'll always love the Cards. We lived behind Lou Brock's flower shop in the late 60's.


CA has maybe a million acres of rice, at least 1/2 flooded each fall to decomp the rice straw. They outlawed 99.99% of burning the straw because of pollution & health reasons.


Decomp is good & bad. Good to have a place to hunt, but the birds now are mostly disinterested and just sleep, eat, and sheit in untouchable areas of rice. A natural club near the rice is the best spot as the ducks like the marshes during daylight hours and feed in the rice at night.


But we have our good rice days on occasion...


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by roadrider18:

MUDHEN...........how in the world do you know which call to blow!

That's about 1/3 what I normally use. We get so many species of ducks & geese, you need many calls. I use at least 2 speck calls, 1 snow call, 1 cackler call, 1 honker call, plus all sorts of calls & whistles for sprig, teal, widgeon, gadwall, mallets, etc.


Even with all the rain, we are still getting a few birds.








mudhen - CA

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Yeah, I also ordered an Xtrema II yesterday.


I like Beretta gas guns, but not nearly as much as Browning gas guns.


To me, Brownings are smaller, lighter, thinner, and much, much, easier to clean and maintain.


The first Xtrema is like a 2x4! The Xtrema II is a little better.


mudhen - CA

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Black Jack,

I don't think frappr links are going to work here.

The URL must be a full and direct link to a image file.


Your's points to http://www.frappr.com/benelliownersgroup/photo/1033028 , but there should be a .jpg extension on it for it to be of use here.


Look at the properties of my image above and you'll see http://www.gemsdesigns.com/images/howtopostanimage.jpg


Nice mallards, by the way!

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