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how is everyone's duck season going?


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Better than taking a picture is when your buddy has to take a leak while you're traveling down the highway.


Of course being the good friend that you are, you stop and let him out and he stands near the back of the truck to do his thing.


And of course you slowly pull away, revealing him to each and every passers by.


He'll either make a mess trying to get behind the truck again (ie- piss on himself) or run like a penguin :D


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That goose shot was crazy! Our best outing in 5 years. Turned out to be a 97 bird day (93 geese, 4 ducks). 4 hunters and sometimes 3 as we had to draw straws on 2 occasions to see who the unlucky guy was who had to walk back to the truck for more shells!! Honestly, we quit an hour before shooting time as I had had enough. Convinced the other 3 that we had a truely historic day so let's wrap it up. (Besides, breasting out 97 birds would take the rest of the evening).


One SBE, two SBEII's and one BPS.


3" Hevi-shot home loadings pushing 1 3/8" oz. #2's at 1525 fps. Totally awesome load. A bit pricy, but worth every trigger pull.

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Lying in ICU in early November, it was hard to imagine that I'd be doing this well at any point in time, much less as quickly as it has come around.


I was hoping to maybe get out with the guys once or twice before the season ended, but the gash in my chest and the tubes and monitors kept pounding away at harsh reality.


Even though he doesn't frequent this forum, I want to say a whopping THANKS! to my old buddy, Leroy.


That's right, I hunt with a guy named Leroy

This IS the South, after all. :D


Leroy (pictured in my previous post) is 65 years young and is as tough as nails (make that cement coated, case-hardened nails).


On nights before hunts, he goes to bed around 8 PM, and he's usually the first person at the launch the next morning, checking in around 4 AM.


He's been hunting the same turf for over 40 years, and he has seen it all... twice!


When they first started duck hunting, Leroy and his cousin Bill would walk about 400 yards to a creek, where they kept a paddle jon boat stashed in the weeds.

They'd carry as many decoys, shells, clothes, and other essentials as they could.

They'd launch in the creek and paddle maybe another half mile or so to the flats. Then they'd paddle another 1/4 mile or so into the cattails and set up in a pothole.


They did this in rain, snow, sleet and whatever else Mom Nature would toss at them.

They didn't know what Gore-tex, Neporene, GPS navigation, or Mojo was.

They gathered wood from deadfalls and built fires when it got really cold.


Some days, they'd hunt sunup to sundown, but most days they'd limit out fairly quickly.


He's no scholar, and he's dammed sure no gentleman, but the short little sucker can hunt like no one else I know.

He chews tobacco constantly. He's nearly deaf from all of the years of taller hunters shooting over him, and he drinks more than anyone should, but he is absolutely the REAL DEAL when it comes to waterfowl hunters.


Thanks to Leroy, for taking me under his wing and showing me a trick or two.


It's been an unexpectedly amazing season!

Here's a raised longneck to Leroy, and to every other old-timer who has passed along his knowledge and experiences to a younger generation.


May it always be as it is now.



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Other than the truely poetic idiot bashing that some of the members of this forum are so gifted at posting, I think the best thread topic started is this one!


Great picture posts gentlemen, keep 'em coming. I have 8 long months to endure before hitting the muck again and need these story/pics to get me through.

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Central Maine had the worst year ive ever seen!


with the 15 xtra inches or so of rain, that we got during the early fall, the ducks were so spread out into the woods, it was difficult to hunt the "natives"

the migrators werent Horrible, but with all the xtra flooded places, they werent hitting the regular spots.

everyone i know had a slow year..

my 2004 season, i guess i killed close to 120

but in 2005 prob. only 65

it was rough....

the geese though were a different story:)


James From Maine

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