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MOJO Decoys


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I use the MOJO Mallard decoys and I love em. I've got 2 set up outside of my blind, one about 10 yards away, the other about 30. I haven't had problems (besides a goose falling into one), and know no one that has. Big ducks seem to be easier to call in when you have them set up.


It's up to you, but I'd recommend it.

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Mojo Outdoors have been great to work with. They've sent me replacement parts for free for one of my remote kits. The motion wings will certainly attract ducks to your spread. Late season birds have seen it all and most mojo's flare birds.


Others on here are going to virtually crucify you for using them. I use anywhere from zero to three in my spreads. I hunt public land so I have to use them to keep up. For that reason I've started hunting less popular places so I don't have to worry about some douche rod setting up two hundred yards down wind, with five mojos... I enjoy my hunts a lot more even if my bag is a little lighter....


I think most waterfowl hunters would gladdly support a nationwide ban on motion wing decoys but until then plan on others using them.

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Don't know what you're all talking about, but up here in Minnesota and North Dakota they scare more birds away. It's like flagging for geese.. It draws them in when they are way out, but once they are even somewhat close you don't want to be using it. In fact we put ours at the far end of our decoy strings when we use them because it makes the birds land closer to us because they just don't like them.


The first year they came out they were amazing. Birds were buzzing all around them and they'd draw them in like nothing.. Now they're educated and it scares them off.



Just my experience (we've had and used these on several hunting trips since they've come out).

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I think the Mojo is the best hunting tool out. We have been using it in fields this year just awesome........also on water too, hunting in the midwest. Also here is a story from Manitoba last year.We set up on this field for ducks, big decoy spread, with three Mojo's running. The ducks did not show up until 9am. Once the first shot was fired, it took 45 minutes for us to put a limit of 48 ducks on the ground. This also included everyone coming out of their blinds for a full bird count, and then calling shots for the last 6.



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I wouldn't use the Mojo's, because so many people have had problems with them. And as a matter of fact, strangely enough, my buddies MOJO duck had it's on/off switch break off. It's only 1 year old.


We have about 6 "Lucky Duck's" between us, and those have worked great for years. Two fell in the water. One broke, but the other one, that fell in last week, still works fine.


Check this link: http://www.nodakoutdoors.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44539


That should help. I don't have any bad thing to say about the Lucky Ducks. Only that I think there the best.


And I would NEVER hunt without them. I use 2 myself, but we've had as many as 6 out at one time.



In MN using a REMOTE is illegal.


But my friend has the one that's intermittent (turns on and off by itself). That seems to work really well. Gives the look of real ducks landing. I like it. None of mine have it.

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From the opening day of the duck season (which includes Youth Waterfowl Day)

through Saturday October 6, a person may not use a motorized decoy or other

motorized device designed to attract migratory waterfowl. On water bodies

and lands fully contained within state wildlife management area boundaries, a

person may not use motorized decoys or motorized devices designed to attract

migratory waterfowl at any time during the duck season. This restriction applies

whether the motor is running or not. Devices without motors, such as windpowered

spinning-wing decoys, are not restricted under this law."


I thought it was worthwhile to quote the rule on motorized decoys in MN. The use of a remote on-off switch is not mentioned.


Good luck, only seven days left for duck hunting in MN this year.

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Can you have too many robo ducks?


I guess not.


Today hunted an area with a ton of hunter. Lots of birds.


But the birds kept pouring into a group of guys with a pretty big spread. But they had 10 robo ducks.


Everyone else out there had 1 to 3.


They killed tons of birds.

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