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Thread: Announcement: AVA Mod1 for the Benneli M4

  1. Thumbs up Announcement: AVA Mod1 for the Benneli M4

    For your consideration:

    Approximately 3 years ago AVA was able to introduce a concept born from this very forum. The concept took approximately a year to bring to market as this was, and remains, the singular focus and the only product AVA has ever made.

    I was humbled by the response then, and continue to be. I've taken in to account all of the feedback received and have done my best to remain loyal to the needs and requirements of those who use the solution by incorporating into the latest version - the AVA Mod1 mount for the Benelli M4.

    Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for their patience. I feel obligated to have the products in my own hands ready to fulfill orders before I take those orders, but I do recognize this also contributed to anxiety. I am sorry. We're over that now. Thank You for understanding.

    What's New:

    • Positive Clamping. Increased surface area and geometry ensures even slick body lights will not slip.
    • Scout Style* mounting, captive lug ensures these lights cannot move.
    • Bezel Diameter accommodations up to 1.4 inches, including the Fury series.
    • Does not clamp to the barrel, Mod1 geometry floats the mount around the barrel surface.
    • M-LOK* universal attachment interface replaces pic rail. This reduces material, snagging issues and risk of injuries.
    • M-LOK rails in polymer or aluminium and QD sling bosses can be added here depending on requirements.
    • Improved geometry - Flush connections with no gaps, alignment lugs throughout system.
    • Improved aesthetics - Further streamlining and aggressive rounding. Lightening reliefs are no longer through cut, and the logo is now subtle in all black.
    • Simplified offering, all mounts come with facilities for .8 Inch, 1 inch and Scout lights.

    AVA Design Principles:

    • Aesthetically pleasing design.
    • PERFECT light button and body placement, not just 'good enough'. Allows for clearance of bezel but still puts the light activation button in the perfect position without unsightly gaps between the light and the firearm.
    • Snag free design with no protrusions, ultra low profile with all edges heavily rounded.
    • Accommodates .8 Inch, 1 Inch and Scout Style* lights.
    • Rotation Limited Quick Disconnect Sling Boss.
    • Ambidextrous system, you can mount the light and QD sling boss on either side and the rail on the opposite side.
    • Extremely Light Weight at under 2 Ounces.
    • No bulk design, keeping everything about it as low profile as possible. No other product keeps your light in as tight to your firearm chassis.
    • Does not require you to remove your factory sling ring.
    • This mount does not interfere with the disassembly and assembly of your M4, unlike mag tube clamps that require tools to remove for field stripping the firearm.
    • 7075-T6 Aluminium, Type III Hard Coat Anodized. High Quality Torx Fasteners. Made in the United States.

    Initially we have very limited stock.
    In consideration for those who have offered tremendous support for this solution over the years are offering an introductory price of $115 for the mount. This will adjust to MSRP once stock has depleted.
    *WE ARE OUT OF DOBERMAN COMBOS* Thank You and Sorry.

    To Order:
    Email: [email protected]

    More information on the lights and accessories in the following posts.


    I feel incredibly indebted to this entire community, several individuals here who have been supportive and especially to StrangerDanger & calviroman for their time and input during the design and prototyping of AVA Mod1.


    Thank You

    All designs are Patent Pending.

    *See next post for additional information on Scout style lights and the M-Lok interface.

    Full Album:

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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    By popular demand we will be offering turnkey solutions including lights and some accessories.

    1 Inch Lights

    G2X Tactical
    320 Lumens

    P2X Fury
    600 Lumens

    Armytek Doberman Pro XHP35
    1400 Lumens

    Armytek Partner C2 Pro v3 XHP35
    1700 Lumens

    Torchlabs v5 Triple in SureFire 6P Host
    3500 Lumens

    .8 Inch Lights

    Scout Style Lights with the AVA Mount require an aftermarket Scout body or modification to the Surefire Body as well as a non-Flared tailcap, Z61 or equivalent. All light bodies and complete lights from AVA are ready to go. AVA offers the appropriate light bodies and tailcaps as well.

    House Brand Emitter
    330 Lumens

    350 Lumens

    Surefire KE2-A M600U
    600 Lumens

    Scout Large Head
    900 Lumens

    Scout Torchlab v5 Triple
    3500 Lumens

    About the light offerings:

    Surefire speaks for itself.

    ArmyTek is a Canadian outfit and they warranty their products for 10 years. They have superb threading, fully potted weapons ready lights that AVA will stand behind.

    Torchlabs has a incredible reputation in the enthusiasts circles, again fully potted and weapons ready lights - incredibly bright but this is obviously at the cost of battery life. The Torchlabs emitters are fully programmable for output and battery preservation. These offerings are cutting edge and come with a price to reflect that, this is for those that will accept nothing less.

    Malkoff is another extremely trustworthy supplier, we stand behind the product and believe these meet or exceed the quality of the Surefire OE while offering reasonable pricing.

    AVA is confident in all the offerings and I feel this brings to the table a wide range of choices for all interests. There is no funny business with lumens here, all are on a equal playing field with no non-sense "OUT THE FRONT" measurements.

    Select Accessories:

    AVA will offer several accessories to help outfit your M4. Specific to the Mod1 mount we are offering a few MLOK accessories:

    1) Magpul MLOK Rail sections in Polymer or Aluminium
    2) Quick Disconnect Sling Boss

    Note that the MLOK interface on your AVA Mount keeps the principles of the AVA design in mind and is as low profile as it can possibly be. With this in mind, some vendors may supply screws that are too long for our purposes and can contact your barrel. All MLok accessories from AVA have screws that are the correct length or have been shortened to ensure proper clearance.
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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    This is for additional information on the Scout style lights. The captive lug works with smaller aftermarket lugs on Scout style bodies as such:

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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    Just ordered mine

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    Nicely done. My order is in.

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    Thanks Everyone.


    I will restock and a combo will be available but it will not be at the introductory pricing.

    I am overwhelmed with orders... thank you.... also, this is now my life, I accept it:

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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    Placed my order earlier today..Looking forward to testing this new offering as I expect it to be of same excellent quality as the original..Thanks

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    Ordered...thanks a lot!

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    So much win, are you tired of winning yet?

    Praise KEK.

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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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