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We Need a Weekend Moderator


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This past weekend brought to a head a problem that we've been seeing for some time.


Spammers and propagandists know very well that corporately sponsored forums such as these are not closely monitored on the weekends.


So every weekend we see the same thing over and over again.

They sign up, make enough posts to get image and URL rights, and star spewing their crap.


Some post spam to websites, and most are relatively harmless. But some post links to sites infected with Trojans and Malware, and others post sickening political propaganda.


So, with this in mind, I nominate sdkidaho to be our weekend watchdog.

He's level-headed and fair-minded. He has moderation experience on other sites and he could make a meaningful contribution here.

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I hope most of our readers realize that posts (like those from last weekend) mostly are from bored college boys just trying to get a rise out of folks, and not real anti-american types. I was not offended by the graphic pictures (been there, done that) and some of the picture cartoon replies were funny. I'm sure some 19 year old sitting in his dorm room, using his laptop, sipping beer with his buddies, and desperately trying to sound like an dedicated Muslim, were also getting a good laugh.


They're have been weekend post in the past that have included swearing, serious ethic slander and straight out physical threats against other forum members. Not to mention photo-shopped nude pictures of selected forum members (I still have vision problems and nightmares). These do not belong on a great site such as this.


The weekend moderator idea gets two thumbs up from me.

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Yup I am all for mods if they just delet spam and moderate the bad words and pictures.


I moderate at a few fitness boards and some posts will drive members away. I delet Spam by the tons as it gets old tring to read about anti-aging theropy and post after post is some idiot or spam.

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I dunno. From what I saw, hate was being equally spewed from both sides. All of it was sickening. What about just ignoring the thread. Plenty of times I've seen anti-muslim threads/talk, and I just ignore it hoping others would do the same, and the thread will slowly fade. Now I am no Muslim, but I don't believe in trashing someone elses religion/beliefs because of a few wrong-doers/thinkers. When will people learn...There are good & bad in all races, religions, people.

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