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Video: Tactical Maneuvers for Being Tactical and Looking Cool


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Note: I understand this is primarily a shotgun forum, but these really cool moves can be used with any weapon, even a catapult.


Disclaimer: Firing randomly at imaginary targets in the air can result in damages to neighboring property, livestock, and people. But if you showed your neighbors this awesome video, they'd likely forgive you... them or their heirs.



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That was amazing.


That's why I don't carry loaded mags in my back pocket: if you're laying on your back you have to roll over to get them out. KnowwhatImean?

lol I was thinking the same thing that tacticool mag levi holder is a must get and I love how he was shooting from his back and not even looking.

honestly silly but i enjoyed it

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Some Russian training incorporates rolls and sweeps. Sonny Puzikas is the most well known that I'm aware of. If you haven't seen that guy run a rifle it's very unorthodox as compared to western training, but it seems to work for him.



My understanding is that his philosophies draw on Russian Systema, which relies heavily on change of position and angle, as well as being extremely relaxed.


The guy in the original vid doing that random forward roll and firing into the air? He's just being a nincompoop.


Why would someone need to make this Hollywood roll over like that at @0:35?
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