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NFA Benelli SBS.....Let's See 'Em......

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Hey all,


Lately I have been interested in NFA Shotguns and Rifles. I don't own any, but I will someday soon. I know it is a GIANT PAIN to obtain these beauties and I tip my hat to those of you who have went through it all to get what you wanted.


So, after going through all that aggravation, why not show it off? Those of you fortunate enough to have an SBS shotgun, please post some pictures so the rest of us can admire it too.


Post 'em Up...





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TWIN BEAUTIES!! Now you're just showin' off.....




Seriously, that is just plane AWESOMENESS! Congrats on those 2. Wouldn't mind having one of those myself.


Thanks for posting them...



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What kind of barrel is on the M1?

Well there are 2 M1's there but I assume you're referring to the SBS entry gun at the top. It was custom-built by GGG way back when they did that type of thing(late 90's if I remember right). They were making barrels for Vang Comp Benellis, back when he did that type of thing. The entry gun doesn't come with a barrel threaded for chokes. I wanted to be able to choke it so Vang referred me to GGG. They built it using the Benelli barrel extension (the part that goes into the receiver), a barrel blank which they threaded for the chokes, and put XS sights on it.

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Standard M2 field, 21" barrel with a Nordic extension/barrel clamp. Did anyone EVER put their hands on an actual Benelli 3-gun shotgun? Other than maybe a couple of their sponsored shooters? added: Wow, who knew? There's actually 2 for sale on GunBroker.

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Hey Super Dak.


How is your flashlight mounted? Is that a Nordic clamp?


Cool gun.


Yes, it's the Nordic bbl/tube clamp with a single rail (you can get a rail for both sides if needed). There are better pics in my photo albums in my profile. Pics of the clamp and the switch.

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