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CarrierComp Charging Handle Petion

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SD has already made an offer of 500 pieces. That's a lot, and they turned him down. Why the obsession with this? It's like people bugging Geissele to make M4 hammers again. CC is obviously happy

I’m ok with the factory one myself.  I seem to read negatives about a lot of the aftermarket ones, but never a negative on the CC one.  I guess if they did start making them that would be the one to b

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https://www.botach.com/kley-zion-benelli-m4-ergonomic-3x-oversized-charging-handle This is what is currently on my M4. The only complaint I could possibly have with it is I dislike the finish. It gives me that extra something to grab onto for those quick charges. I haven't had it for very long, but it seems legit so far. It's the same design as the OEM, just a larger handle to grab. At some point, I'll probably get it cerakoted and really love it. I find it odd that I haven't found this mentioned on the forum before, but maybe I found an unknown product? If so, there's my mini 100 round review. As far as the one being produced, I think the more simple it is, the better the overall product will be. Just my .02. Edited by sniiped
fixed the link
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Hello everyone,


Been doing research, feeling out different shops. Some seems more cautious about ITAR than others, some want nothing to do with it being a gun part. About to start obscuring the truth and tell them its camping our out-door gear.... morons....


I might go turn one on my buddies lathe/mill and call it a wrap.


Been fooling with this TTI handle.. It is truly horrible. In every way..


I just started to notice the galling from the bolt/handle interface on the TTI handle, presumably from the weight/material difference. Funny enough, it is in a circular pattern as the knob rotates.. At least it is fatiguing evenly!!.. SMH...


Still on the table,...

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Really don't.


It spins, it detents less than a stock knob, it weighs by FAR more, it damages the receiver, the knurling is a JOKE, it bends/work hardens against the bolt, it really isn't much larger diameter...


Just dont.


Look around for something better or kick people like me in the ass to do it right.

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What is the complaint with the OEM handle? Frankly, every aftermarket one that I have seen with the tube handles on them look retarded. Sorry, they just look stupid, and the bigger diameter the worse they look. What's the point? The size of the OEM handle offers plenty of purchase.All it takes is one sheep to say baaah and the rest of the sheep follow, lol.The OEM handle stays put when you want it to and comes out when you want it to. When I see the amount of ridiculous and unnecessary bling people throw onto their weapons, I'd hate to see what their houses look like, lol! No taste!



Thanks for saving me from typing.......


Anyone have a plausible answer?

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Ive been reading in forums over the net and the TTI charging handle seems to be hit or miss. StrangerDanger seems to have had good luck with them but others have experienced them bending or just shearing off while shooting or detent/manufacturing problems...sad.

I really dont like the original m4 CH at all.

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260 vs 180 gn OEM


almost 1/4 wall thickness on the handle. Incredibly underengineed


Hey man, don't mess up the finish on your receiver. It goes in too far if you lean the gun on it or close it in a snug case.. kinda forcing my hand on the NP3 coating

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In case I never get around to it, please notice the tri-lug detent is Check shaped, not a simple U, making it more difficult to accidentally remove..


im guessing the cut was made from the back, or simply not perpendicular. Look at it closely

Edited by Toaster
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Hey Jolly, Thanks again for the help, and illustrations provided.


I'll be sure to send you a free production sample or two. If/when I get there.



Anyone out there willing to donate information/ideas/CAD work will also get one..

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