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CarrierComp Charging Handle Petion


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I’d be certainly in. I have one on my burnt bronze M4.


But I think a better one could be built. Such as one that locks in place so you can hold the weapon by the bolt handle while pulling the bolt to the rear, stock seated firmly in your shoulder pocket, to do slug change overs. I’m always concerned I’ll yank the bolt knob out if I’m not careful. All while still retaining the disassembly feature.


Ergonomically designed not to tear up your hand when blading the knob with your support hand to eject a shell and drop a new round in before letting the bolt fly forward.

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Wish I could. Really I do.


Remember why I did what I did, and what limited knowledge and skills I actually have. I don't know design. I don't know manufacturing. I have a career in a completely unrelated field.


I designed what I did because there weren't any good options, it took me a really long time. My daughter sat on my lap while I did it late into the night on many evenings. She remembers what the screen looks like many years later.


I have them machined by people that know how, as I most certainly do not.


This part is relatively simple in the CAD part, the tough part is the manufacturing. Multiple Parts. Proprietary bonding process. I'd have to pay a shop to do all that and hope they do it right. I'm likely to lose on the deal.

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