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M4 Final Setup

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After two very intense training classes, my setup has held up perfectly. The level 2 class really pushed us to try every possible scenario and shooting position under the sun. That also helped confirm

I survived the shotgun class yesterday. The temps hit 104! Getting old and nursing a fractured wrist and ribs didn’t help any. Most of the shotguns in the class were pumps, but there was one other M4

1. First time I installed it, it did move while practicing dummy loading. It was because I had only slightly tightened it. After that I tightened it down well and it hasn’t budged after many life fire

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Looky what I found.1348086174_benellipuma.jpg.a937a1c87ecb0d0a4f034ebdb4dbdd12.jpgpuma.jpg.d9846b11387c01127fa41e0d0bec9ef4.jpg

Not exactly for your M4, but now I fathom what you wanted. It would fit on a Supernova or M2. What we are looking at is an adjustable stock without a pistol grip for a modernized MR1, the Benelli Puma.

You can see the distinct design element of the recoil tube rotated 180° and the ability to take all 3 types of Comfortech pads. Sadly records show this was not manufactured. I do have a heavy interest in this because this would be California compliant...🤔

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Who says shotguns aren’t accurate? This is two 00 buckshots at 30 yards on a 66% B/C target. Got slug hits both at 50 and 100 yards, but forgot to take pics before I repainted them. Prepping and testing ammo for an advanced shotgun class. Who else trains and preps for classes?


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Did a bunch of ammo testing. The M4 absolutely loved this #6 Federal shot that’s rated at 1255 fps. It didn’t cycle properly on the Rio reduced recoil slugs, but had no issues with the Remington or Federal reduced recoil slugs. 


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After two very intense training classes, my setup has held up perfectly. The level 2 class really pushed us to try every possible scenario and shooting position under the sun. That also helped confirm that my setup works well in less than optimal circumstances. Couldn’t be happier with the Briley long handguard. It helps put the light much further forward which is optimal. The Federal Flight Control 00 buck in the M4 practically performs like a slug out to 15 yards. At 30 yards I was still getting all 8 pellets in the “A” box. Federal TruBall 1300 fps slug is nearly as accurate as shooting with a rifle. I got solid reliable hits out to 100 yards. The faster versions of TruBall slug can probably reach further.  Between the two classes and a bunch of training and testing before the classes, I have experimented with a bunch of different ammo. In the proximity of 5000 shots. My conclusion is that anything that is faster than 1250 fps runs reliably 100% of the time. 1200 fps runs 50-75% of the time depending on manufacturer. Even slugs at 1200 don’t cycle reliably all the time. The golden number is definitely 1250 fps. The more I train with the M4, the more I fall in love with it. My only beef with it is the pistol grip, but without having a shorter option of the field stock, this is it for now  







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