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Benelliparts.net immature and unprofessional, legitimate?

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On 11/18/2020 at 3:29 PM, Nethawk86 said:

Just to let everyone know, Antonie is a shady person. I called and left a message regarding missing out on his latest preorder for M4 stocks and asking if he could let me know if anyone backs out and I will buy their stocks and any difference. I am military and have been needing one for a long while for my personal M4 but always seem to somehow miss the preorder window. He never returned the email, so I called and left a message, also no response. So I placed an order for 7 rnd mag tube and spring   a couple days later and said if he expects any to back out of their orders, to just hold my order until he receives some stocks. My parts get sent out a couple days later with no response to my comments. So at this point there's been 0 communication on all forms. A couple weeks later I see he says he got some stocks in on his site and is waiting for more for preorder customers. Then I find a bunch on gunbroker being sold through seller DELMASFINA for $799. I look at his history and see multiple M4 stocks being sold and hes located in CA.....so I started getting curious at this point. I buy the listing and make the payment and asked if he did any discounts for military, no response. I receive a message from him a couple days later with a USPS tracking # which came up with no info. 2 days pass and I get another email from a random 3rd party shipping site saying I have a package coming from Rancho Cucamonga CA. Giving the stock is the only thing coming to me from CA, I looked at the tracking and it is completely different than what DELMASFINA had sent me, so I have no idea what it is. I then look at the email headers HTML code and check to see who the email was attached to......well it is from [email protected] Why the hell do I have something coming from him when I've already received my parts from him? So I call him and leave a message (as ive never got a hold of him before) saying the situation and asking what he sent me to make sure it wasnt an accident. About 30 minutes go by and he calls back and I ask him if he sells his stocks on gunbroker and he said not recently, so I inform him that its supposed to be delivered today and he tells me he may have sent something to me on accident. Package arrives and on the label its from DELMASFINA and inside is my M4 stock! OOOOK...so I know now whats going on at this point. I called Antonie back and asked him whats the deal here and he begins to stutter and back track and say that its his business partner whos selling the stocks but that hes no longer answering my questions and that I will have to talk to him (which I tried calling before and his phone was turned off and he never responded to any emails). I asked Antonie to just let him know to call me or email me as he has my info and Antonie said fine. I emailed one last time to DELMASFINA through gunbroker laying out the issue at hand. That Antonie is purposely withholding stock inventory to avoid selling at advertised price to give to his business partner to sell at gouging prices so that Antonie isnt directly responsible and cant be called out on it. They didnt expect the email or anyone to see the email header and where it came from. I was very reasonable and simply asked them to refund me the difference between what I paid and what they were selling the stocks for on their website (which already was inflated for profit). I got an immediate email back from DELMASFINA saying return it for a full refund. I said I know this is America where capitalism reigns and that while what theyre doing is legal, its shady and taking advantage of people and that the customers also have a right to let this out. Antonie is sitting on a bunch of stocks and will not sell them for his advertised pricing, and instead gives them to his business partner to sell for gouging prices for him so that he avoids any direct backlash, and theyre doing this behind the curtains. Ill never buy from either of them ever and will make sure to inform all my customers of these issues like I do with cheaper than dirt or any other company gouging prices.

Free Keyboarding lesson for you.


Learn how to use a paragraph break.  Who is gonna read word Vomit like this...

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Antoine Ortega, owner of Berettaparts.net (https://www.benelliparts.net/store/c1/Featured_Products.html)
ripped me off on my order. This person did not deliver my order, 
does not respond to emails, and has a fraudulent scam going using his above website.
I ordered an item on preorder, waited 4 months for it to ship, and passed the estimated
arrival time, I try to contact Mr.Ortega for a couple days. He does not respond until I contact my 
credit company then proceeds to harass me via calls in the early morning not stopping to call me, I had to turn off my phone. Terrible person and business, I was scammed, harassed and wasted my time

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59 minutes ago, Unobtanium said:

This is pretty wild. I had a lot of interactions with him over the years as a customer, and never once had an issue of any nature. Has something changed, if so, anyone know more about what's up? 

I just recently bought a few Benelli parts from BenelliParts.....

Just as orders I have placed over the years, they went though without issues.

I never have gotten into the “pre-order BS”. Not with BenelliParts or anyone. If the part I want is in stock, I’ll buy it. If it’s back ordered, I might place the order. But I’ve never done the pre-order crap. The retailers are at the mercy of the manufacturer or warehouse. 

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On 11/22/2020 at 5:14 PM, les_garten said:

Free Keyboarding lesson for you.


Learn how to use a paragraph break.  Who is gonna read word Vomit like this...

I clicked just to see the train wreck. The train wreck is more like the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing.

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On 1/29/2021 at 4:36 PM, Heynowwwww said:

I love Benelliparts.net and Antoine (just in case he's reading this he can please send me my collapsible stock...  :) )

Benelliparts.net is awesome and has some really cool OEM parts coming in stock soon. Collapsible stocks available this Monday 02/08/21  for a PRE ORDER with a 90 day ETA. 1 per customer.


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First of all.  Benelliparts is not a scammer and it is a 100% legit business.  Have you ever heard of a scammer calling up the victim to cuss them out?  I haven't.

Whether or not the owner of Benelliparts is the most organized individual on the planet, is a different issue.  Just because a small business owner accidentally makes a mistake, doesn't make them a scammer and it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy from them because if you want something he is selling, who the fuck cares how friendly that person is or how good their customer services skills are?  As long as you're using a payment option that protects you, like a credit card that will reimburse you, what's the risk?  In my opinion, there is no risk regardless of how much of a dick the guy is.  If they don't send me the product, I make one phone call and the problem is solved.  That's why God invented PayPal and Credit Cards with awesome policies.

Benelliparts is a super niche business who has a very long track record to lean on.  One interaction or botched transaction can happen to anyone, he'a a human being so he's going to make mistakes just like everyone else.

In the case of a business like Benelliparts, it doesn't justify what happened, but it's not hard to see how something like this could happen when dealing with something like a preorder that is months out.  I can't remember what I bought last week and I have hundreds of alarms that I snooze every day so an order from 4 months ago being mishandled isn't a complete shocker to me.  If I wasn't a super organized person, it probably isn't the best to take pre-orders to begin with, if you know yourself and the risks involved, but sometimes you have to make a decision.  

It's not always the case but if he's taking preorders, it probably means he's tight on cash otherwise he would just buy the parts with his own money and then sell them when they come in.  If taking preorders to avoid cancellations, that's pretty much the same thing because most people don't cancel orders and you should be able to sustain a few cancellations, which is basically being short on cash.  If your options are to either not sell a product or sell it with preorders, if the demand is high, you probably take preorders.  My guess is that the guy bit off a little more than he could chew and probably spent the money on living expenses and didn't have the product to send you so he needed a little time to get his paycheck from work or something.  Should something like that like ever happen?  Of course not but people make mistakes and most people live paycheck to paycheck with little buffer for mistakes or unexpected expenses.  The guy could probably have avoided an angry customer by making one phone call to you explaining the delay or whatever and just being straight with you but maybe he got overwhelmed with life.  A business should never not pick up the phone for any reason but I view Benelliparts as more of a guy who is doing the community a favor using his connections, more than a typical Business.  The guy sells things that are hard to get and we get to use payment options like Credit Cards that will reimburse us if we don't get the product, so again, no super big issue in my eyes.

I personally have spent thousands of dollars on Benelliparts over the past 5+ years or whatever the timeline is.  I've literally purchased at least one of everything sold on that site including multiple short barrels that were almost a grand each.  I don't know him on a personal level and I can't say he's my friend and some of my orders probably had a few hiccups but you have to be flexible in life and in the end he always came through.  As long as the person has good intentions and I used a Payment service that is going to reimburse me anyway....i don't see any issues with dealing with a small business like Benelliparts.

It sucks that you had a frustrating experience, hopefully you got your money back and picked up the parts you wanted somewhere else.

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