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Hello all,

Haven't shot or broke in my new Benelli LE 11721 yet!   I know it's a lost cause but any one have any idea of places on the web I may find some Federal or other decent brands, slugs and 00 buck!   Any other ammo to run through break in!   Bulk if any!



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I just looked at a couple of online retailers that I have used in the past and saw that a single box of 50 range type ammo in .45 ACP or 9 MM Federal ammo is listed for 78$.

I never have given in to the old capitalist mantras of "supply and demand" or the "the market sets the price." 

To me it has always been just an excuse used to justify price when people become desperate for something to rip people off and make huge profit margins while the desperation lasts.

F them!


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I going to test my M4 out at the range tomorrow after installing some mods. I hit 4 local gun stores today looking for 12ga slugs. Only found two boxes of Federal at the last small mom and pop store I went to. And they would only sell me one of the boxes?. Going to be a short test tomorrow.......

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In Bass Pro last weekend, the shelves of rifle and pistol ammo completely cleaned out 100% - even oddball hunting cartridges probably only chambered for bolt actions.

No slugs or buckshot.  But, 12GA bird shot/turkey/field/target loads, all you want, shelves of it... lol    I've noticed plenty of birdshot in stock everywhere else around here too at regular prices.  I guess nobody thinks birdshot at close range will deter bad guys.  If someone asked me right now what gun to get for home defense I might suggest a 12GA pump or auto that will cycle light loads based solely on the fact that I know they would be able to get ammo for it -- birdshot -- not the best but not nothing.

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9 hours ago, aznwhip said:

Wtf, I haven't checked in a while as I have fair amount of reserve, but at $2 a shot, I'd sell my stash of Federal 00.

You may want to hold that thought. You could be buying them back at $3. the online stores show no stock because they are all getting top dollar on GB.


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