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New to the forum... M4 Break-in advise please.

Jay Efees

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Lovely pair! Out of curiosity why two?

As for break-in I like to strip and clean my shotguns, lube, then fire a couple hundred rounds of whatever cheap shells I can get my hands on. Then I like to fire about 100 rounds of my intended ammo to ensure reliable cycling and patterning. 

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Take them apart per field strip. Add the extra step of removing the action spring from the recoil tube, and the chromed plunger piece or whatever it's called that also lives there.


Lube all sliding parts well. Very well.  Best case is a very light, non-temp sensitive grease. Examples are Forward Controls or Cherry Balmz grease. Barring this, use a heavy lube like Lucas Extreme Gun Oil.

Reassemble. Go shoot. Ive literally never had to use the goose loads to get a properly manufactured M4 shotgun to function when correctly lubed.

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Not to derail you’re thread but I’m trying to figure out what I’m looking at here.  Did you buy these new?  Maybe had them customized?

Out of shear curiosity I’m trying to put together the color, Supernova stocks and rails.  Most of all I’m curious about those bolt release buttons.  Please tell us about them.

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Yes these are bone stock, brand new Cerakoted "Battle Brown" M4-A1s with 14" barrels from the factory. I too was surprised when i saw the changes at the gun store. I was even more surprised to find after following everyone's field strip advise to find a polymer trigger group housing in an M4... not good





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The new bolt release buttons Benelli are using might be Toni System.  I'd have to see an up close photo of one to confirm.  They look similar from a distance and Toni System is also in Italy.  This is my theory anyway.

I grabbed a Toni System button because it comes with a M4 screw which should install seamlessly into the J-Kenny 2 piece shell latch..  (if it ever comes)  The Toni buttons are tricky to source.  They are a bit larger than other buttons (FFT), we'll see how it all works out.


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Looks to me like Benelli grafted a supernova 5 position collapsible stock on to the M4.

Also changed the fore-grip to what Benelli calls a "Multi-Rail System" to which you are supposed to bolt on these "Picatinny Mini-Rails"

Can anyone please tell me what type of accessories will bolt on to the fore-grip without using the mini-rails?


bolt release.jpg

M4 foregrip.jpg

M4 mini rails.jpg

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On 12/6/2021 at 9:01 PM, Diesel79 said:

Looks like an A&S trigger housing might be in the cards if the plastic one bothers you.  They are very nice.  

You can still occasionally find oem aluminum trigger housings., op nice set! Like others have said oil up 1st otherwise no real break in was necessary for mine.AFF27097-D87C-4C80-9B26-411BF6640272.thumb.jpeg.264a9bb8d8b98b19760a344f1f66401d.jpegA9FC31EA-3274-4246-B7AF-35C404315C39.thumb.jpeg.a3b9d8fb9936b3cecca71d03e6a033f5.jpeg

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