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Very Stiff SBE II Safety

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Does anyone know if the M2 Field saftey is stiff on there camos...? I am considering buying a M2...but if the saftey sticks on the camos i will just have to get a M1 Field,SBE, or a nova....Please help me out..I am looking at a M2 26'' Barrel and Max 4 camo.. Thanks....

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Thanks for responding to this thread - it's rare that a manufacture is so proactive about keeping their customers happy. I'm impressed by your offer to send new correct springs to people - if that's indeed the problem.


To add my 2 cents, I'm pretty new to shotguning and never had a safety on a shotgun like this before - so I just assumed it was supposed to be very stiff and have been ignoring it. I've been using my M2 as though the safety doesn't exist, because it's too stiff for quick field use. If there's a fix to this, then I too would like to be included, because in retrospect, by ignoring the safety I think I may have an acidental discharge one day. Here's how:


At the trap line I hold the gun at my side, drop in a shell, pop the release button, and then raise the gun. The trigger guard is resting against my side and as I just start raising my gun, it could be possible for something to snag the trigger - causing an AD. If the safety were lighter and relatively effortless to engage, I'd probably be using it too.


So please keep us up to date - and thank you again for proactively addressing these types of postings - very professional - but then, "I did buy performance worth the price" smile.gif .


[ 07-02-2004, 10:07 PM: Message edited by: Lazy Engineer ]

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My thanks as well for agreeing to respond to this thread. I found the force required to actuate the safety on an M2 I handled at a local store to be excessive. The salesperson at first denied my observation, until I made him try an AL-391, then claimed it would decrease with wear. I cycled it about 100 times and observed no perceptable decrease. Please let us know the cause and solution to this problem. I too am surprised this issue was not identified at the factory. I am holding off on making a purchase decision until I receive an answer.

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Originally posted by Montefeltro:

Gee whiz, Camo.....I thought I was helping you out. I relayed the info to our chief engineer in Italy, and just as I said before, I will post his reply. I can assure that prior to getting an answer, Benelli will research the issue. I expect an answer in a few days.

Stay tuned.....


Customer Service Manager

Benelli USA

Still waiting! The "few days" has turned into a month.


(Performance Worth the Wait) !?!?!?!?

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Originally posted by birddog:

makes me wonder if someone just added a profile and posted just to be a smart a$$....

If so then it makes me wonder why you never hear from these people.


(Moderated by: SharpShooterShandy, Smokey, danceswithgeese)

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laz,your such a sensitive wimp,talking bad about Benelli is never gonna solve your problems,sell your Benelli and go back to the lesser winchester where you belong,take your mama with you,we dont need her either, :D your friend M1014

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Too bad you couldn't afford the 760Li, now that would be impressive!


325 hp = grandma's car = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........


I'm being serious now;


Laz, is this your first Benelli? If so, get used to the little bugs. My 14 year old SBE has had a few problems, most of which I fixed with a few parts from Brownells. But I would not trade that beat up SBE for anything.


You are simply incorrect about other brands. All guns have glitches. I have had major failures with Beretta, Remington, Ithaca, Winchester, Ruger, and too many problems to list with Browning.


I went out in search of these new SBE II/M2 bugs. I looked at 17 SBE II's and M2's.


The safety was a bit tight on all of them. I would not have thought a thing of it but for all the commments. I agree that it will not loosen up, it appear the spring is just too tight.


As to the camo finish, it is classic cheap, typical of ALL brands of shotguns. But every new gun I looked at had small chips and dings.


Your issue with the Comfort Stock being hard to clean is silly at best. Try cleaning a Browning Stalker someday.


Same for choke tube issues. The ones included fit the **** gun. Use those or order aftermarket from Briley. Who gives a rat's arse what others might or might not fit. This may not have been on the long list of Laz's Peeves, but I thought it fit here!


And what the heck does money have to do with it? That 745Li you were boasting about has a 3 out of 5 JD Power rating = does not stand out. But I bet you love that car (I would) and will overlook a few blemishes or little fixit things at let the dealer make the repairs. Does the $74,000 price tag mean the car must be perfect?


So I think you had better get used to the bugs, or sell the gun if you are truly that unhappy.


But, I almost guarantee you that if you put up with some crap for a bit, and let Benelli fix the safety or have a gunsmith do it for you, you will be very happy in the long run. That gun will become your best friend.


Benellis are shooting machines, give your new Benelli a little time to prove it to you.


Feel free to bash Benelli all you want - they set up this site just for folks like you to vent - but aside from a few well-known Benelli bashers - you do not appear to have too much support for your positions.


mudhen - CA


[ 07-08-2004, 02:49 PM: Message edited by: mudhen ]

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This is not my first Benelli and as I have said before my anger comes more from the total lack of customer service I have received from the company.. I have sent 10-15 emails and not just about this gun I have another issue that need to be looked into. I'm just blowing off a bit of steam. As far as M1014 goes, he does nothing but berate people on this board. It's about time someone put him in his place. LOL and as far as the car goes I had it a week before I gave it to my wife and ordered a 645ci....

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LAZ-ZZZZZIE, oohhh--richboy, we all love a good scab,you're fun too pick at,easy pickins,go ahead,try and put me in my place,futile effort, better you should move too winchester...the state you come from alows gay unions,so much for your marriage,poooor laz----zzzzzzzzzzzieeeeee,thats why you can't handle a Benelli,you femminist wimp.--------M1014 :D :D :D

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I understand you are P***ed-off at Benelli for not responding to 10-15 of your e-mails. I think anyone on this forum having that experience with Customer Service of any Company would be unhappy. If your e-mail program (MS Outlook, etc) were setup to keep a copy of “sent e-mails”, then I would recommend forwarding your previous e-mails to Montefeltro explaining that you have not received a response.


I would not believe anyone telling me they never received 10-15 of my e-mails. If you are given that explanation from Benelli, then I would send another e-mail and CC or BCC my Yahoo or work e-mail account. That way you will know that the e-mail was successfully sent and that Benelli cannot say that they are not getting your e-mails.


Either you need to switch ISP’s or Benelli needs to upgrade/change their e-mail systems if they are losing customer’s e-mails.


I have heard of some companies CS staff deleting e-mails when they get behind in responding to customer e-mails. Let us hope that is not the case at Benelli.


Best wishes.


[ 07-08-2004, 07:42 AM: Message edited by: threeshot ]

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anyone ever hear of such a thing called a telephone ....???


They make phones you can even carry with you now-a-days .... they're called cell phones ... really neat idea!!!




* 15 e-mails @ five minutes ea. ... : $0 Dollars


* 20 posts @ five minutes ea. on Benelli forums whinning about Customer Service ... : $0 Dollars


* Cost of a phone call to Benelli USA Customer Service Department even if on hold for 30 minutes, long distance, ...on roam,... with the worst rate plan you can get -AND- your plan minutes are expired, then h*ll freezes over ... : $30 Dollars


* Cost of having a gunsmith 'tweek' the safety and install a bullet proof gold plated spring ... : $30 Dollars


The fact that the call wasn't made and you've wasted nearly 3 hours of time with no resolve other than getting pie-holed and your gunsmith is sitting on his arse waiting for you to finally bring it in and get it over with .........


......................... : PRICELESS!!!



I don't know but that seems like a long time to me ... I'm gonna look into one of those new fangled devices ...

....I hear they have walkie - talkie mode too .... NAWWW, couldn't be.


Benelli USA

17603 Indian Head Hwy

Accokeek, MD 20607

Phone # : 301-283-6981


[ 07-08-2004, 10:23 AM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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Thanks for the compliment Laz!


I'm not the one that bought a gun w/o knowing what i was buying and for that, I appreciate you clarifing my point further...


...did you happen to notice Laz that Montefeltro's e-mail address is at the AOL domain ....?? Benelli has their own domain....

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Originally posted by BenelliBoy:

Does anyone know if the M2 Field saftey is stiff on there camos...? I am considering buying a M2...but if the saftey sticks on the camos i will just have to get a M1 Field,SBE, or a nova....Please help me out..I am looking at a M2 26'' Barrel and Max 4 camo.. Thanks....

I have a black synthetic M2. Wonderfull shotgun.

The safety is perfect on it. Tried some others a the gun shop the other day. Their safety's all felt good also.

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Originally posted by upland04:

Here is how I fixed mine........On the back of the trigger mec. above the safety button is a horizonal drift pin. Under the pin is a spring with a plunger on the end that contacts the safety. The spring has too much tension. Drive out the pin, remove the spring and nip off one loop. Keep shortening the spring until you reach the desired tention. It took 2 loops and my safety works like my old 870. The tricky part is getting the drift pin back in while holding the spring down. It was a simple procedure tho.............Upland04

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