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Benelli Hunting Photos 2005-2006....

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well, I love my new dog box, and keeping a dog warm is relative....it seals off nicely and has a plastic cardboard type stuff in it for insulation...or so they claim. do I think it would keep a hunting lab warm in 0 degree weather? yes...do I think it will keep a weiner dog warm in 20 degree weather? no


I put a U-haul moving blanket in the bottom of his compartment and even on the few 30 degree days we have had when I get him out he is panting, which may just be from excitement, but he is not shivering in any case.


It is one of their new extra tall boxes, and you could easily put 2 95 lbs labs on each side of the box...which will be nice for those kansas pheasant runs, in that he will have plent of room to move around.


enjoy the hunting fellas

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Oops, I did it again. I warned them yesterday that I'd be back....they knew the gun was loaded.




Now that my tag and freezer are full I can tend to my lawn, or maybe shoot some coyotes instead.....I can't decide.


[ 12-04-2005, 09:08 AM: Message edited by: 69beers ]

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Holy Migrators Batman!! What a day! That's my dad Leon on the left, my best girl Abby next(she really is the best), my brother Steve with his shiny new M2, friend Chris and then I'm the funny looking guy with the really nice looking SBE. In front of us are 23 greenheads, 3 suzies, one canvasback and one pintail. Probably my best hunt in 22 years. Getting that kind of shooting on public land with my dad, brother and that old dog will really be hard to beat.


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