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Benelli Hunting Photos 2005-2006....


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Nice looking mallards, mudhen.


Unfortunately, my season is pretty much over.

If I'm lucky, I'll see some action late goose season.

If I'm REALLY unlucky, I'll be joining your mallards :(




3x bypass is scheduled for 10-31 (That's right...Halloween).

I'll be off the boards for a while, so it's up to you and a select few others to keep the crazies at bay for the start of the silly season ;)


Wishing everyone a productive and safe season.

Shoot often and shoot well,


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Well I didn't get a duck today but I did win a turkey at a local turkey shoot with my SBE and full choke. Too close to call so this other fella and I had to do a shootoff 3 times to figure the winner. The SBE prevailed in the third round. Older fella was shooting an old Auto 5, good competition. Nice Pintail there on the end with the SBEII. Keep up the good work!


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Locals in the trailer across the street have this pet button buck they hand feed. The thing will run up and follow you around like a dog. I can't wait to read the newspaper in the next year or two when he goes into rut and associates humans with deer.


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Our first pheasant hunt didn't result in harvesting any birds, but we had fun nevertheless. Uli's first point was on a downed bird. It was a hen, and from the looks of it she had been shot that morning before we had arrived (wasn't completely stiff yet).


If you look close you can see her next to his right front foot.



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