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  1. Munger I really like your case. Is it a pelican 1720? Did you cut the foam yourself?
  2. Johnnywitt If you are absolutely serious my local shop had one in stock last weekend. Pm me Ill give you there # and website. Im not 100% sure they will sell it to you if you are not Leo or military, but I know they are a class 3 dealer.
  3. I have heard of other folks talking about the vertical grip breaking or becoming seperated form the rail under normal use, not specifically with the fab rail model just in general. Just got me kinda curious to see how yours will perform under heavy fire with 00 buck and slugs.Keep us posted.
  4. I'm not saying it wouldn't do some damage to soft tissue, I just wouldnt perfer to use it in home defense situation when you have the better choices of 00 buck or #4 shot if you are really concerned about over penetration. Alisske I appreciate your post on your door breaching rounds and always like to see a fellow members actual reviews. Gentlemen, the legal stuff as stated by geneleo is something I hope none of us ever have to face.
  5. +1 make sure you remove the trigger group then it should be pretty easy to twist the stock off counter clockwise and repeat backwards to install new stock. Btw which type of stock are u now installing?
  6. Let me know how the foregrip works out.
  7. Good to hear you have had a positive expeirence. I know this might sound funny, but what are you mounting on four rails?
  8. If you live in a state that offers class 3 tax stamps like here in Arizona you can have a 14 inch. Unfortunately unless your an leo it will be difficult and expensive to get you hand on a factory Benelli barrel.
  9. Thx for the heads up Duggan.
  10. If you are really intersted my local gun club has a 14 inch factory M4 with a collapsible stock complete setup. If you are leo or military they might even give you a discount. Pm me if you want the info.
  11. Glad to see customer service clarified I was right. I have to say I like the fact you posted this even though it shows your wrong. We can all make mistakes. Enjoy the M4.
  12. I would try gunbroker.com unless you get a member here to sell you one. Bets of luck.
  13. Renault sounds like a wise choice to me. Let us know how you like the socom tube.
  14. It's gonna be more material for a one piece tube then a +2 and hence usually more cost. I would get a Carriercomp or Socom tube over a Tacstar for quality reasons and Duggan stated previously.If you have some extra $ to burn you might be able to find a oem +2 tube on gunbroker if you specifically want Benelli oem parts. Just remember Benelli parts are always going to be more expensive then a Remington or Mossberg.
  15. This is hilarious.As stated beforehand no one is trying to flame you like you are to me. I am just stating the fact that Tacstar is not an oem Benelli extension.If you post something as fact and it is not true we are gonna correct you. No need to get offended and call people names. If that bothers you too much then get off the forum. We don't need folks who feel empowered by their keyboard. Now once again, best of luck with your M4 and enjoy!
  16. I'm relaxed just thought you wanted an oem Benelli tube. I'm not trying to diss you like u are me, I was trying to help. Then again its obivous to us members you are an ill informed noob. Just make sure you know what your talking about when you post you "facts" or we will jump all over ya. Best of luck with the M4.
  17. Super Nice guns and funny laughs as well. Only on benelliforums.
  18. I was awaitng for you to chime in. Thanks Duggan. I almost fell out of my chair when I read must be oem Benelli then he bought a tacstar.lol. Either way the M4 is my favorite shotgun for sure.
  19. You should check out some dealers here in Arizona. Not too bad of a drive from socal. You should call a local Cabelas if you have one in your area. Btw M4 is the way to go for sure.
  20. I'm not trying to argue with you, but I know for a fact they are not the same. I personally have a OEM Benelli M4 +2 extension and my buddy has a tacstar on his and they are different finish and quality tubes. The reason Benelli cs told you to get a tacstar tube is that they do not sell oem ext tubes to US citizens only leo in the United States.I'm not raggin on your tacstar it's just not OEM PLAIN and SIMPLE. Maybe another Senior Member can chime in here to back me up.
  21. I would say 2500 for a quick sale or 3K if you want to sit on it.
  22. Tacstar is an aftermarket extension. I thought you wanted an oem Benelli?lol Either way welcome to the M4 family.
  23. Cabelas is great. I believe they had a $150 rebate on Benelli Semis a couple months ago. Enjoy your M4.
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