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What's in the Box


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With the use of my ouija board ,and guided by the spirit of John Moses Browning it told me its a 12 gauge "gas operated" sporting shotgun based on the M4. not a zombie shotgun :p


Lets hope.


I would like to see an ARGO operated, 24 or so inch rifled barrel hunting style shotgun that still could readily accept an aftermarket mag tube for 10 or so rounds, for 12 total rounds. Kind of like a big long updated M1 practical.


Or even just additional barrels for the m4 ... I imagine if that guy had a box full of 14 inch factory barrels, there are plenty of people who would chase him to get a chance at one :)

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Could this new shotgun be the answer to all my dreams? A true zombie slayer in 20 gauge M4 version with extented 12 round magazine and a folding 21" hollow titanium bayonet, built in light with Day-Glow Orange stock and a Browning A5 first round speed load feature? Of course it will have Quail in gold reliefs on the receiver for those hunter types and a 3 point combat sling. :rolleyes:

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sounds like splash is bitter or he just dosent own a benelli i wasent even that bitter before i worked out the litel bugs in mine but now im a belever;)

No, no, Leftie. I think Splash is just making light of things we all know: 1) Good shotguns cost a lot of money, 2) you must maintain them, 3) the bolt must be forward to fire. Every Benelli owner knows this stuff. I think he was just being "cutesy." (But then again, I AM the eternal optimist!) We do allow humor on this forum now don't we?

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