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FS Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock NIB $449 Shipped!

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Given people that pay the high prices are just as much to blame I really hope those that bought these up didn't do so with $$$ on the mind.

You know damn well they did. some here bought 2 or maybe even more and left some of us out. Now they will try and sell it to make a dollar,lol get a job.

The OP of the link could of bought them all and sold for more but he was hooking us up then some got hit with the greed bug.

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Well, I'm keeping mine.:D Now I have a spare in case something happens to my original or I get another M4. :eek: I looked on Gunbroker and there isn't really a ton of them. Two of them are from our own HKp2000 and some of the others were on previously. My bet is that BoTach didn't have a huge stock of them.

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I paid $469 shipped from gun broker. It's a lot better than the $6-800 they were going for. I'll be surprised if they ever show up on botach again. What pisses me off is that they filled orders that were made after mine (I ordered 6/4) without sending me my order. That's botach for you.

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The fact that Botach was selling them suggests there isn't a legal reason why they aren't generally available in the US. So someone could arrange to purchase them from Benelli and import them. Shouldn't be that hard.

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Well, its not that simple and has nothing to do with legality. Go get an FFL, business license, establish credit with suppliers, hope there are no other competitive Benelli dealers in your area, place your minimum buy-in order, and start selling them stocks for $225.00 to anybody like Botach. We'll be waiting.....bc it's not that difficult of a process.

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Hi, my name is Dan and I am a rep at Botach Tactical.


I have been following the thread here, specifically the ones relating to our company.


I am just letting everyone know that for any order issues/problems/stock check, I can gladly assist.


Feel free to email our company at anytime---put attn:Dan in the subject title



I will reply to your email within 24 hours



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