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I'm Just About Done With This Place


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The mods refuse to do anything pro-active against the flood of spammers coming here, and I'm tired of reporting them.


The new interface sucks.


If you want to talk about Benellis I'll be here


Flood...."an overwhelming quantity or volume; also : a state of abundant flow or volume —often used in the phrase in full flood "


that was the third definition of flood, the first two were exclusive to water. So going with the third, which I believe is appropriate to your statement, I have a question; there were three (3) new posts on this forum yesterday, all of which were legit normal posts, not spam.....where is the flood of spammers?


I am not necessarily doubting your statement, you have been here far longer than me, however I have been watching the forums for a couple of weeks now, and I am just curious to what triggered this post.



edit: with the exception of the groups here, which are clearly spam, but are basically hidden and you have to go looking for them

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I been posting and following this forum now for almost a year and have yet to see anything as described. I use Firefox, Chrome and now IE 9. I've never seen a pop ad nor spam as I see in many other forums. I don't frequent all of the groups as my interest lie with Stoeger, Uberti and Western Action shooting only. Perhaps I'm just missing it.

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They need to be stopped before they get here. It can be done. The interface still sucks..



The prevalent means of spamming now is allowing new users to post links in their signatures.

Easy fix on most forums. Set a minimum post rule for new users so that they cannot post URL's until they've reached X amount of posts.


Wait for a three day holiday weekend and check in on late Sunday night.

The place looks like Craigslist.

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Holy Benelli spokes. Could not have said it any better Tucker. I am with you all the way. Sure miss the old forum interface. Before, we used to have real knoledgeble advice from guys like you and other highly experienced Benelli senior members. Now all we get is responses with a cocky attitude from rooky members who appear to expect to have a respected opinion with less than 50 post under their belts. Seems that when one ask a question, you always get Mr macho tuff self proclaimed heavy hard hunter giving you feedback with an attitude. Trying to act like pukes I guess.


Benelli, we want the old forum back or at least fix this one...

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Well someone must me following your recommendations, today I replied to an email with links of some sampling pricing of GG&G tac handle and big as dog poop, it was intercepted (at least that is what I believe) and wasn't immediately posted to the thread.


That was over one hour ago and still hasn't been posted.

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