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M4 in France today


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Tragically, the unarmed Police Nationale responded to the reported shooting on bicycles to be met by disciplined terrorists determined to complete their mission. ....they did not fair any better than the innocent employees at the publishing house. Those Legendre Armes depicted above arrived hours later while the brothers-of-Allah in their getaway car were long gone heading for the border in their hybrid compact. Their M4's were silence.

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Still don't understand the value of an E-O Tech on a shotgun. I think a simple Red Dot Sight would be more practical.


I've had the same $29 Global Sportsman Reflex site on mine that I put on it almost 2 years ago. Head-shots at 100 yards from the bench and easy body shots standing out to 100 and on down all day.


I have a spare already zeroed for it that I've got for when/of it dies and even if I only got 2 years per sight, I'd go 30 years before I spent enough to pay for an EOTECH...


Call me cheap if you want but I've never been able to justify, even to myself, spending the money on an eotech.

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Have at it.


Although they are not a legitimate state (instead derogatorily reference them as DAESH), I wish I, you, or someone had a real ISIS / ISIL deterrent to post and go viral, instead of a simple graphic.


If the rifle depicted below was a Benelli, it would be a perfect fit......the sentiment couldn't be more truthful.



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