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M4 Picture Thread


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New member new owner and so in love. FFT mag tube,follower, wolf spring and best of all scored the 3 piece tube from FFT(they were in stock last night!) for my stock to be collapsible. Just need a few parts to make 4 for 22r compliance! 


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On 5/18/2021 at 4:33 PM, fatbiker852 said:

Lol, too funny. I have toddlers and I find myself in similar situations. Just don't leave it sit there too long or it will be colored and pained without your consent ? I'm sure your kids could easily find a way to lodge the crayon in the receiver leading to hours of cleaning and frustrations. Oh the stuff kids will do. 

Nah, I just use the stuff while my little one sleeps .”What they don’t know won’t hurt them” they say. I used to hide guns from my parents now I hide guns from the youth. 

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On 4/28/2021 at 9:53 PM, RJHUB said:

Havent seen one this color


The more I see the color of that stock the more I like it! It's a Mesa Tacticle right? I wonder if it's still in production? I would consider swapping out an adjustable for that.  Or you could just make it simple an sell it to me.

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Hey Alpha 33.  Got some info about the stock.

I am currently waiting on a replacement from Mesa.  Supposed to be sending one(balck).

I bought the green one from Botach.  It will not fit flush against the receiver.

It is hitting in the cup and will not go all the way down. Not hitting at trigger guard or anywhere else.

They do still show the kit in stock at botach, but think maybe something is a little off on the green.

They said at Mesa that they haven't made the green ones for a while, but should still be same size.

I finally proved to them that it wasn't a fitment issue, but stock issue.

I really like the way it looks but have black furniture with field stock on it now.

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