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Clone m4


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On 4/10/2021 at 2:45 PM, NineInchNails said:

If it proves reliable, that's a pretty nice score. I hope it functions well.

I have 4 buddies that have bought the clones, and I've had the real deal for 6 years or so.  I shot one of the Panzers side by side with my M4 and the Panzer had a distinct stronger recoil than my M4 with the same ammo.  He's already fed about 100 rounds of 00 buck and it hasn't missed a beat. 

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I purchased the Sulan Arms SDS tac-12 and it shoots great. However, the fit and finish seems a bit inferior. For example, the mag cap retaining pin and spring came out today while disassembling.  When I went to reinstall it, I noticed the hole only has one open end, where on the benelli, the hole goes all the way through so you can insert the pin from the back- but with mine, you just shove it in from the front... I'm not sure how that's supposed to hold (well, it didn't).

also, when I replaced the recoil spring, I noticed the butt stock inner assembly parts seemed cheaper and inferior than benelli pics online. 

And,, my o-rings were crap- one disintegrated, and the other broke (noticed as I was cleaning the piston system). So, I purchased Benelli OEM O-RIngs from Brownells. 

I think the only true quality parts on the gun are the Barrel and bolt. The barrel is supposedly the same as the Benelli Barrel.

however, as mentioned, the gun shoots remarkably well. At first, it wasn't cycling lighter loads, and that's why I changed out the recoil spring. But, during my troubleshooting research, I also learned how important it is to keep a solid shoulder behind the gun to stuff the recoil  ... so, after i upgraded the recoil spring, I also was more conscientious of my grip/ form- so, im not sure which made the improvement, but my gun runs flawlessly now. 

  I am nervous wondering what is going to be the next cheap part to give me problems...  for example, when I shoot my Ruger Mini-14, I have 100% confidence in its ability and ruggedness. I just don't have the same confidence with my tac-12 clone



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