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...And she's DONE!!!(For Now)​?


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A big shout out to this forum for helping me build my Holy Grail M4.  I don't normally post pics of my guns but I'm pretty excited for this one.

-14" Barrel Assembly(Only 18 days to get my Form 1 approved)
-CC Ti 5rd tube(Still waiting for it)
-CC mag tube plug/Spring
-IWS sling mount
-IWS light mount
-FFT foregrips Stippled by Suregrips Custom
-Limbsaver 10403 pad
-GG&G bolt release
-DMW safety
-KZ charging handle(Might change it)
-Benelli collapsable stock
-Sync RMR mount
-RMR06 type 2
-DMW 2 round extended tube
-A&S Trigger guard
-TTI AccuGuide Extended Carrier
-Surefire Z57 tailcap
-Modlite PLV2


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50 minutes ago, alpha 33 said:

How is the velcro applied to the receiver?

I cleaned the side of the receiver with acetone and used this heavy duty velcro, just the loop portion.


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51 minutes ago, alpha 33 said:

I guess my concern is what, if any, damage is done to the receiver finish if left on for a long time.

I had the same velcro loop on the receiver for almost 2 years and about a month ago I peeled it off so I could get the receiver engraved and although it was really on there it came off with no residue left behind and no discoloration or damage to the receiver.

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50 minutes ago, Unobtanium said:

OP, can you update us? I have the Esstac cards and their velcro, 5 shot, and it slowly began peeling my velcro off the de-greased receiver with the loaded shot card. Has it done this to you, as well?

I'm not sure which loop velcro Esstac sends out because I bought their 6 rd shotgun cards from skdtac.com so I had to source my own loop side. I've been using the same box of velcro that I picked up from Home Depot about 2 years ago or so. I just installed a fresh piece about a month ago which is what you see in the above pics since I had to take the original piece off to get my receiver engraved. The original piece held strong for about 2 years with a 6 round card constantly velcro'd to the receiver. Hopefully I'll have the same success with this new piece. If I start to have issues then I'll update this post.


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23 hours ago, RJHUB said:

Any reason not to go ahead and get the 7 rnd esstac card?  Looks like it would fit nicely.

Honestly, there is no specific reason other than it's what I've had on hand from when I owned a Rem 870. But I agree with ArthurMorgan that the 7rd cards would fit my needs better.

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