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Levi Timmer

What brand of shotgun do you own?  

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  1. 1. What brand of shotgun do you own?

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Mossberg 500

Stoeger Condor

Ithaca Model 37 (16 gauge)

Savage/Stevens Model 311B (20 gauge)

Stoeger Uplander Youth (20 gauge)

Tri-Star Viper (OK, I won it at a Pheasants Forever banquet..but I kinda like it now)

Remington 1100 Trap LH (daughter's gun, so its kinda hers really)

Antonio Zoli Ritmo O/U (32" barrels)

Antonio Zoli Ritmo O/U (30" barrels)

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i love the a-5 brownings, but man are they heavy.:D

They certainly are... however, the Sweet Sixteen (w/o the vent rib) was the lightest shotgun on the market 40 years ago! My new Monty is 2 pounds lighter and I can really feel the difference... I don't get near as tired on the 3-4 hour quail hunts! Makes a big difference. And, it mounts and swings fast. Wish it were easier to unload and not be so finicky about the bolt thing. I have learned to tap on the bolt (forward) now and then so it won't "click" the next time I fire... seems to be working. Shouldn't have to, for what I paid for it! Why can't they fix this problem, one might wonder? (Tucker, Mudhen, Splash, Duggan, or somebody will probably tell us why... I have no idea why but this seems to be a recurrent issue with many Benelli owners.)

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Used to have a Mossberg 590, but it was part of the trade in package to get the Benelli M4. Down to 2 shotguns (3 if you count the Taurus Judge)


No love for the Ruger Red Label?

Sorry, Adam, can't help with a reply on the love for the Ruger. The only Red Label I've had any experience with is Johnny Walker. Enjoyed my Ruger Redhawk immensely, however, until it was stolen. Welcome to the forum, by the way.

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It doesn't make sense that when you're allowed up to 10 poll choices you stop at 4 and, of those 4 you only list 1 of the brands this forum is dedicated to. :confused: That said, I added another poll to give us a few more options.


For this one, I have a Mossberg 500 ATV in 12 gauge and a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum also in 12 gauge.

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