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With only 7-10% of the population being lefties, don't hold your breath.


At the SHOT Show I talked with a Benelli marketing rep and asked about a lefty 20 ga. He siad very highly unlikely. Less than 10% of their guns sales are 20 ga and the number would be reduced to a population of 7-10%.

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I dont think it looks that bad, but it looks to me like the "In line ID" has more parts than the origional...so I cant say it seems like the uber leap forward that was proclaimed.


Plus it doesnt look like it would be really easy to pop a magazine extension on it...I love my M2 :)

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Too bad they didn't take the money they saved by not having to machine a receiver and bring the gun out at the same price as an I-12 or better still a M2000. Guess they had to pay for the video.


Still looks interesting and I'd love to shoot one. I just don't see myself laying out darn near 1400 bucks for one.



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I was holding off buying a SBE II until the Vinci came out. I was thinking it was supposed to be the next great SBE II but it seems far from it.


I'm sure they will come out with the new barrels and slug versions but I'm sure they will be more expensive since the receiver is integrated. I hope they come out with the 3 1/2 inch version as well as 24 inch barrel options.


Don't know how it compares to the SBE II in recoil but I can't imagine it being that much better. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the SBE II instead. If the Vinci is that much better maybe I'll get one later but it's too early to put all my eggs in the Vinci basket. Right now the SBE II still seems much superior for all around hunting.

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The Vinci just made my M2 go up in value.


I'll second that.


I'm not too impressed (at least right now), especially with all the hype they were giving the Vinci. Couldn't imagine it would be "THAT" much better than the M2 or SBE that already incorporates all those features (minus the inline-inertia :confused:)

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