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M4 Optics and Lights


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Hello fellow M4 owners! I have come in search of knowledge. What optics and lights do you run on your gun (pics please! :o)? I'm thinking about buying a Trijicon RMR dual and a Surefire X400, but would like to hear from other M4 owners before I spend another $1000 on this money monster. Who has used any of these? Is there something better?


I have a Surefire M80 rail that I plan on using to mount the light. Pic below. Thanks guys!



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I have don't any optics or lights on my M4, yet - but I can speak to the X400. I use one on my HK USPC 40 and I love it. It's well built, has the Surefire quality we are all accustomed to and has never given me a single doubt. When I am able to add to my optics and light to my M4, I will go with Surefire.... for sure. ;)


As for the Optics, I'm thinking of the Leupold Delta Point in 3.5 MOA, myself.... but now I'll research the Trijicon RMR too. The Aimpoint T-1 was another I was considering earlier.


Good luck, post a pic when you're done!




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The SureFire Scout M620 with momentary / ON-OFF pressure switch is mounted. The X400 has an optional housing that can be attached to allow for using the same style switch.




Do you mount the X400 on the right side while the Scout is still on the left?

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benelliwerkes... that is sick WOW. What is the extra rail on the top? And that double shell holder? Do you prefer the scout over the X400? I have one on my AR.


StrangerDanger! Details on those sling mounts please! That setup is exactly what I want!


Aimpoint Micro T-1 is now on the table for me. Where did you guys buy your Aimpoints? I mostly shop online at Opticsplanet, but if there is a better deal, please share! Thanks for the replies! Nice pics!

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I bought my Aimpoint from LaRue directly with their low mount. You need the carriercomp top rail replacement for this to work. If you put the LaRue mount on the factory top rail, it will destroy your mount.I like the Scout better than the X400 because it has a lower profile when installed with a GearSector offset mount. A slight modification to the M80 is required to use the GearSector mounts. I'm not a fan of tape switches, so setting it up for momentary/constant use was mandatory. The front sling mount is a GearSector limited rotation mount. The rear sling mount is from Mesa Tactical. Their unit is only good for the collapsible stock. However, I've installed a similar mount on the fixed stock with the use of one of the Magpul UBR threaded QD sling mount cups. I just bought the ambidextrous right side model. They're threaded so the 10 - 24 screw attaches right to it. I drilled a hole through the stock (careful to avoid the recoil tube channel) and put a thin washer under the hardware. It works great. The sling is a BlueForceGear padded QD sling. VCAS I believe is the model name.

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