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A new level of STUPID...


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That's not merely stupid, it's greedy/money-grubbing. This jack*** apparently doesn't appreciate how to generate an interest in an auction (by starting at like $1 and putting a reserve on it). And it's not even unfired on top of that. This screams: Show me how big of a rube you are!

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Not too long ago... Note that the Buy it now price was about half of the selling price. The seller made a huge score :eek:historybooks_zps5dabf78e.jpg


I was watching this auction and have to wonder if that was a real sale. I a hard time believing that anyone would pay that for an H2O.

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Couldn't someone just "make" an H2O version for ~2800? But I suppose I'm looking at it from the point of using it instead of just collecting one.


Sure, one of my local gun shops where I bought my M4 has basically been doing the "H2O" version of the M4 for a few years directly with Robar. Rumor at their shop is the reason Benelli started doing the H2O is that Robar told Benelli what they were doing for this particular gun shop and Benelli ran with the idea (albeit not too successfully when the BATF stepped in).

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