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TTI Charging Handle Problem


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I removed it from my m4 as soon as I noticed. The gun is worth more than this handle.


I'm quite upset. It felt nice the few times I used it. This could have been solved with a recess at the base of the handle. It also doesn't have the 3 rotation stop points.


Shows me how little R&D they actually put into things. Lots of shortcuts. Shame.



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Is the complaint about the loss of 2 mm of receiver finish ? when the bolt is in battery and apparently only when the bolt handle is pushed inwardly.

The metal-to-metal contact may well be due to slightest differences in Benelli receiver profile rather than the bolt handle specifications. If the bolt handle was too short as implied by the OP, why doesn't the bolt handle scrape the receiver finish along the entire length of its excursion? It appears that this fit mismatch would have been obvious upon installation of the bolt handle. Alma-Black will camouflage the mark.

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Replacing that particular part on an M4 is a waste of money. Stick the OEM part back in and be happy.


A seven round mag tube is all that is necessary to mod on these guns along with a couple US made parts to make them compliant.


Really people, you don't have to do something to it because the next guy thinks it's better or looks cooler. It's a superlative gun as it is.

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Yeah I'll admit. I'm an car guy, and like to trick things out and improve where I can.


If if it ain't broke, fix it till it is!


I have plans on sending the thing to Robar once it's all done. I would've bought an H2O but couldn't find one. So I figured I'd send it in after, similar to Strangers "H2O Extreme". Actually picked that up per his recommendation. No biggie.


The damage happened in the case. Bolt foward. Compressed. The original bolt handle is significantly harder to compress or remove.


The CC tubes ars coming I hear, the Ava mount looks great. Collapsible stock. Scalarworks optic mount. Plenty of R&D, willing to share and prove.

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