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Benelli M4 magazine tube spring questions.


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I apologize in advance if I’m beating a dead horse here.


Just bought a Benelli M4 recently and bought the OEM 7rd tube. Question is, do I re use the spring it came with. Or do I buy a longer spring. I saw that benelli parts has the longer oem spring. Or is it the same spring? I’m sorta confused and just want the m4 to run reliably. I only want to use the OEM for the mag and spring.



Any input will be appreciated.

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I concur with SD about keeping the tube clean and dry (no lube). After a 3-gun competition, it amazes me how much dirt gets tracked into the magazine tube just from feeding shells. After cleaning, I run a dry patch through the mag tube and rub the follower and spring with a silicone impregnated cloth before installing them.


On spring length, I know that everyone says to cut the spring 12 to 14 inches longer than the mag tube, but in my experience they will run reliably on less spring than that. I am using the Carrier Comp spring that came with my titanium full length tube, but I am running a plus-two on the end so I can get 9 rounds in the tube. It has functioned perfectly for thousands of rounds in that configuration. My son runs a Stoeger M3K with an extended tube that holds ten rounds and he is using the stock Stoeger spring from the 5 round mag tube without any issues. Just try it out. If it is going to give you problems, it will be on the first shot or last. The spring needs enough strength to rapidly push a full tube full of shells and to push the last one when the spring is almost extended.



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If you start having feeding problems- especially when it gets down to the last couple of shells in the mag tube. Otherwise, there's no immediate need to "upgrade" the spring.





i have a ben m4 and my dad just got one as well. He wants to upgrade to the OEM tube. On mine I put the oem tube and the oem longer spring. The spring that came with the 5rd tube measured 28”.. the new longer oem measured 33”. After leaving it in the tube for a while I took it out and checked it and it measured 31”. On my dads imma leave the spring it came with and install the 7rd tube. I’ll test them both out. It would suck to have reliability issues on a expensive shotgun with oem parts

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They are supposed to hold seven 2-3/4" shells. Mine always has. Of course they will not hold seven 3" shells. Check your ammo. I have read that some brands of shot shells are a bit longer so when you try to stack seven of them in a tube, they won't all fit.

As for me, I only use Federal and Remington shot shells; 2-3/4", which measure 2-1/4" in unfired condition and seven rounds fit fine in my gun.

What brands of ammo are you loading that don't fit seven in the tube?

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Dont bother with the Benelli 7 round spring. In my case, It was the same length as the benelli 5 round spring and even has the same "Coil" count.

The longer "appearing" one in the picture is the 5 round one. Its not really longer, it just appears that way. They both have 48 "coils" and measure about 26 inches roughly.
Both feed for now without any issue.
I would pick up the carrier comp spring. Its cheaper and should take last much longer.


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Thanks for the reply Evolution.  So far, the only rounds that a short enough to fit all 7 are Federal #8 birdshot.  I have tried: Winchester Super X rifled slugs, Federal LE 00 buck, and Federal Hydra Shok rifled slugs.  All are 2 3/4' shells.  Interestingly, the tech at Benelli who responded to my email regarding same said to "humor him," and try different shells.  What pisses me off is that it is advertised as a 7 rounder.  I was not aware that the shells varied in length.  As I said to the Benelli rep, the bird shot isn't a self defense round, but the rounds stated above are - and this isn't a field gun.  To "humor" the rep I have ordered some 00 buck from Remington and Hornady.  Are you using bird shot from Federal and Remington?  Thanks again.



DOES NOT fit 7 rounds of this ammo.JPG

DOES FIT 7 rounds of this bird shot (1).JPG

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I have a DMW 7 round tube with a upgraded spring installed, cant remember if it was a CC or Wolf. 

I can only fit 6 rounds of 2 3/4 inch shells in it. My shells measure just over 2 1/4 inches each. The seventh shell is just a few mm from going in the mag tube. 


Cut a few coils off the spring and retry. I ended up cutting about 6 coils off and the 7th rnd now fits into the mag tube. So far, so good. When I load 1 shell into the mag (simulating a last rnd) it loads into the bay and chambers every time. 

Sometimes adjusting the elevator alleviates problems with the last rnd not loading into the bay as well.

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