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EDC pocket dump tray.


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I just use a plastic drawer organizer insert for keys, medicine, phone holster, etc. I take my billfold and CCW into the bedroom with me. Gun on top of night stand still in holster, billfold in night stand behind CPAP.

In a past life (AKA before married life), I used a magnetic parts pan (those about the size of a cup saucer). I used spray adhesive and put some felt on the bottom that I had left over from a gun cleaning drawers I built. A bigger one of similar could work. I liked it for my purpose because it was heavy enough not to push around easily. However, if you put your EDC in it directly, without the holster, it'd likely stick to it instead. Another option is just to put one of those small lamp mats (or whatever the hell those things are called). Technically, my CCW in pocket holster sits on one of those along with a mini fan. It helps the latter from vibrating noises.

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I asked the misses last night what they were called that we have. She said they are sometimes called placemats, nightstand/table runners, or lamp cloths. I thought about using an appropriately sized desktop mat like this: https://smile.amazon.com/ZBRANDS-Artificial-Protector-Extended-Rectangular/dp/B077J45THF/ref=sr_1_49?dchild=1&keywords=nightstand+mat&pd_rd_r=9bb8dd5c-53ec-450b-8a26-19f22c2ae178&pd_rd_w=xtXJ6&pd_rd_wg=9rpA7&pf_rd_p=0ec05f25-9534-48fe-9c3e-40b89957230e&pf_rd_r=77C63HBHM7EZCY66YMYA&qid=1606843077&sr=8-49

Or, if you don't have to take into account feminine sensibilities with what you pick (aka, not married), what about a tanned leather section or even a complete skin like rabbit and leave it fur side up?

OK. That is about all I got for ideas for this type of stuff. I normally defer any type of decor stuff to her. She goes fairly neutral (not too feminine or masculine).

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On 12/8/2020 at 2:32 PM, Birdog19 said:

WOW!  Your daughter is very lucky to have you as a Father!

My little 12 year old capitalist is all about making money. We've discussed getting one in the past, but she doesn't know its coming. It'll be a good experience since you end up learning things like Adobe Illustrator and some basic wood working skills. Plus layout and material experience. We have a State Park within walking distance that has a store that sells items. She can place the items there for sale. So the basic idea is to engrave their name and logo into outdoorsy kind of items and sell them for a markup.

It beats a lemon-aid stand.

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