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Options for Mounting Weapon Light on M-1014


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New member to the Forum and just got a M-1014.

I'm wanting to attach a Weapon Light.

I have used Search Function - but not having much Joy on finding  Options for mounting Weapon Light?

Would  appreciate any  advice and help from yawl.

Thanks, gamboolman....


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I'm brand new to shotguns and my m4 has only seen a box of slugs so far, Purchased it for HD so, like you a light will be helpful but I think a green laser would make for faster off shoulder target acquisition. Plus the ability to fire without a guided tour of where your face is. LOL I bought the solid stock model because it fit me better than the skeleton. Let me know how you make out and I will do likewise.

Glock 39, 26 and 44


IMG_1158 (002).jpg

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Impact Weapons Components - They make one that attaches to the barrel band in place of the sling loop. There is also a built in QD socket on it. I’ve got one on mine and love it! You can find them here IWC M4 light mount. There is also a QD socket adaptor that goes on the collapsible stock. It can be found on the same page. Freedom Fighter Tactical also sells IWC stuff, but be warned - you will be tempted to buy more stuff for your M4 if you go there ?. Your wallet may cry afterwards.

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Thanks for the advice.

I'm off to Impact Weapons and Freedom Fighter to look see.

Much appreciated.


ETA - just ordered the Mount as shown below from Impact Weapons

Thanks ! 


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I like the idea (expen$ive option) of the longer Briley handguard and a scout light. Bringing the light closer to the end and therefore reducing shadowing.

While you're there pick up their 7rd carbon fiber tube.

Yes, this will get spendy.. after all we ain't  running mossturds.

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Thank you Filthy & Alpha 

The Briley looks good also.

Will see how the Impact Light Attachment device works.

Can easy see the Briley being tried out also.

This reminds me of the elusive hunt  for the best Holster.....ha..... all good and fun stuff ! 


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