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Thread: A&S trigger guard problems

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    I would just about bet that if 5 people copied your set up exactly.... we would have 5 different outcomes.

    When you get into doing things like this, they all require "gunsmithing" to achieve desired results. If not, your just installing a new carburetor without tuning it afterwards.
    It may work ok, and you can brag that you have it installed but in the end its not race ready.

    Kinda sorta not exactly. A&S has copied benelli critical dimensions...but How? Did they call and get the tdp? Doubtful. My guess is that they got a few and modeled them up. But were those on the small or large end, and will A&S be able to keep their tolerances so small that this is fine , or did they copy the tightest 10% and do they have 15% in variance of their own , while benelli has the tdp, and shoots their say, 20% variance right down the middle, ensuring that x percent of A&S parts are outside the spec? We dunno...

    ...welcome to ar15s, circa 1990!

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    Here's another kicker....I just tried the A&S trigger guard assembly in my other M4 and it has less effort doing a HDSOC..

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