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New M-LOK Compatible Benelli M4 Hand Guard from STRIKE INDUSTRIES!


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Benelli M4 handguard.jpg


Here is a teaser picture of our upcoming hand guard for the Benelli M4.


M-LOK compatible so you can easily attach accessories such as weapon lights or fore grips.


Anodized in Black, Red, Blue, or FDE.


Additional information and pictures will be posted shortly but I thought I'd provide a teaser picture.


Standby everyone!


Accessories mounted:






*Pictures above are a prototype sample coated in black bedliner for photos.

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Are you developing or is there an existing product that fills those holes on the sides of the handguard to provide an even, ergonomic textured gripping surface? Are those groups of 3 holes decoration or do they serve some purpose?


Can you show the barrel hanger engagement? Do you need tools to remove the rail or are those fasteners just for adjustment?


Have you considered some kind of polymer insert to keep the rail from scraping up the barrel during installation and disassembly?

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I keep feeling like everyone misses the boat with M1014/M4 handguards because they try too hard.


What do we want?


Something that plops down in place of the OEM's and allows us to mount a light, ambi.


You know what I would do, were I King for a day?


I'd make a handguard that was identical to OEM in shape, and material, except the texture of the currently "ribbed" area (haha...) would be the same texture as the S&P M&P2.0 grip area, and the very end at 11 and 1 O-clock would have a metal-backed MLOK slot, and be "flared" so as to be able to mount a light with a 1.4" or smaller bezel without contacting the barrel. The MLOK slot would be accessed from the back, with the handguards removed from the shotgun, as an admin task. It would accept Magpul MLOK accessories found here:




People could bolt whatever light, and however they wanted that light, on-to said handguard. I would supply also custom fasteners/backers made of metal to interface with the metal insert of the back of the MLOK in a solid fashion, as a way to hard-mount Surefire and Streamlight Scout lights, and that dimension is what I would base the 1.4" or smaller bezel off of. At 1.4", the bezel of a Scout IB light would clear. Any other hardware (forward extensions, 1913 section, etc.) would create further stand-off for those who had other plans.


It would be so simple. So easy. So damn un-complicated to do this. To stop trying to make it look like a cheese-grater. To stop trying to figure out how to put a VFG on it. To stop all of this **** that noone asked for...and simply make OEM quality and interface handguards with a simple parallel flare at the muzzle end on either side, with an MLOK slot and embedded stainless plate.


But no. NOONE wants to do this. They all want set-screws, and "remove 2 bolts to take it apart for cleaning the SG" and all this other stuff.


I wish I had the time, capital, and machinery to do what I just said above. I'd create an entire empire out of 1 product. Then I'd adapt it to the 1301, M1, M2, etc.


Ever notice how a company that does only ONE THING, but does it flawlessly and in a "less is more" way, somehow always ends up as an empire? Geissele made a trigger. LaRue made a mount. So on.


I'm sorry for the rant, but it seems things keep getting more and more complex with these handguards, reaching their ultimate zenith with the B&T and the like.

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I can't argue with anything Unobtanium said.


All I really want is a method of mounting my weapon light near the muzzle to eliminate barrel shadow and illuminating my front sight tower and having the controls on the handguard. Then a switch in the handguard that actually works.


No tools required for disassembly. No loose cables or plugs to snag on anything. Lower the weight, the better.

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The only setup available for a weapon light to be mounted the closest to the barrel is the AVA tactical barrel clamp. However you still get a little bit of barrel shadow - Which is totally insignificant by the way. ATI's forend kit (which has been long discontinued) offered the picatinny rail section right at the end of the barrel. That is as good as it gets. My surefire scout light mounted at the very end of my surefire m80 forend gets pretty close to the end and barrel showow is almost non existent.

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The set screws are terrifying. Can you please explain them?



Unob: The tooling and molding required to make such parts is VERY expensive upfront investment. Per unit cost after that is much better than machining, but molds are crazy expensive.


I am not aware of any... ANY... M-Lok plastic slots that are fortified with metal on the backend. This doesn't seem realistic. M-Lok was designed to be poly friendly btw.

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Here is the barrel after a quick wipe down with some CLP.


Barrel is exposed so it will be prone to scratching anyways.


Set screws to reduce play are included but not required.


No other tools needed for installation.


Not bad, really. I would have liked to see "wings" at 11 and 1 though, that would allow hardmounting of a Scout or similar. The M1014's handguard is SHORT, and some people will want to push the light out there.


Where do the set-screws interface? The barrel-hanger, or the barrel proper? Are they front only, or rear also?

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This actually does that.



Yes, but it does it with a lot of unnecessary background noise which opens the pistons to debris, exposes the hands to vented gasses, and in general is very elaborate compared to simply making a set of improved HG's with an MLOK slot at 11 and 1 that are of quality polymer with a grippy texture, etc. for $65/set.

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