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Oversize charging handle for the M4 ONLY $10


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Anyone above run this handle with a high round count? Curious if it’s holding up.

Any inertia weight issues, breakage? 

The pictures of the two shown of Botach and this vender are exactly the same image. 


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I ordered both charge handles, one from Botach and the one from AU

The AU handle is larger in diameter and weighs .07 oz (30 grains) less than the Botech as it is machined deeper into the end.

The Botach is slightly longer.

I like them both, but prefer the length of the Botach handle will run it first to see how it holds up. I don’t know it the reciprocal weight difference will have any affect on how it holds up. 

The three shown are AU, Botach, Freedom Fighter 1/2” steel. The AU and Biotach feel very secure like the OEM handle. The FF handle can pull out without having to twist it. Didn’t like that. 

Also comparison with stock Benelli handle.





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Good reviews guys. I jumped at the AU handle when I saw that it was 10 bucks. When I got it I immediately noticed that it is not the same handle as shown on their site. The pic they have on their site is exactly the same model that Botach has on their site for the Kley-Zion.

Check it out. The one you get from AU is the fatter version than their picture. Anyway, I'm good with it unless it happens to fail.

I did compare my OEM handle to it under a magnifying glass and the cuts on the nib and angle/size of the chamfer at the end of the nib are identical to the OEM which made me happy.

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5 minutes ago, D'zaster said:

Thanks for the comparison pictures, mickey d.  Mine arrived yesterday. Fits great. We'll see if any issues.

Glad to help. The AU handle is a great bargain. I happened to order the KZ from Botach first before NoTycoon shared the bargain deal. Had to compare for the money. 
Best to you. 

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Price has since jumped to $15 and $5.95 for shipping (at least for me). Oh well, just placed an order. Best deal I've ever seen for such a charging handle with the features I want. I like that it is non-rotating (free spinning) and is as large in diameter as shown in the pics.

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I wasn't in the market to pay nearly $50-$90 for a charging handle so the AU was a perfect fit for me. It looks better in person. Pics don't do it justice. I thought I'd prefer a more cylindrical version like what RX Arms makes, but I'm more than satisfied with the hour glass shape of the AU version.

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