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SOCOMguys mag tubes


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To anyone that is on the fence about Socom guys tube vs CC, or FFT. I will say that Im a customer of Socom guy for life.......his tube is absolutely flawless. Who cares if its steel. the weight savings with Ti is not even noticeable.....I own both his and a CC tube. The finish on Socom guys is an exact match. His price is at least 100 better......and he shipped me one in about 3 days......to me no brainer. 

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Socomguy makes some awesome tubes. He makes a good quality tube at a fair price. I got my H20 tube last week and was blown away at how well it matches. The tube he makes looks the same as the OEM tubes. I don t understand the big deal about the titianium tubes because the one i got is pretty light. I just can t see it making that much of a difference ( just my opinion I could be wrong ). I got a black one long ago and it was a bit darker than the barrel but wasn t a big deal. I am sure batches will vary a little bit. These other companies make u wait for months and charge a VERY high price, I am grateful for the service socomguy provides.  

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Kudos for Socomguy and his 7 round magazine tubes @ H2O. Fit perfect on my M4 as well as the Nordic +1 extension. Cerakote was a very good match


Fast shipping, packaged in a sturdy mailing tube stapled on both ends, wrapped in bubble wrap ?  extremely fair priced

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