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Briley MLOK Handguard for M4

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

They saying here in Arizona is, “Don’t California my Arizona.”

That's perfect!!  I think Nevadans are going to be saying the same, if they aren't already.

Cool story about Frog Lube. The last time I tried it, ants invaded my safe to feast on the minty Frog Lube goodness. 

I've heard of that but never experienced the any invasion.  I used Frog Lube some years ago and went back to oil for some reason.  I'm now stripping my guns of petroleum and going back to Frog Lube.  Most probably know this but I'll say it as a PSA:  If you use both F L and oil, you end up with a gooky, gummy mess that resembles grease.  You need to strip your parts clean with F L degreaser or solvent before applying the end product.

On the Briley front, I decided against buying their rail. After looking at the profile of the rail, I determined I’d likely hate it. With zero contouring up high, it would be like holding on to a big rectangle. It’s really hard to beat the ergonomics of the OEM forearm. Not worth the weight penalty either.

I am pretty much with ya there 100%.  Kept looking at pics and comparing them to my OEM forearm and can't convince myself that I'd like the Briley.  Pretty much for all the reasons you mentioned above.

I’ll live with my barrel shadowing for now. 

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I remember thinking this is a lot of work applying the FrogLube. I stripped everything and heated the parts to melt the minty flavored goop into the springs and parts. It worked fine for me, except for the piss ants leaving it stripped of everything but little white granules and the ant conga line into the safe. 

Most probably don’t need 72 mlok attachment points on their M4. I’m pretty sure I could adapt the Hot Button in to the factory handguard. We just need a forward mounted light to take advantage of this. 

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Posted (edited)

The Briley looks best. I live close by May have to grab one. And their bolt handle

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