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M4 Magazine Tube Titanium option

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I have been lurking and learned a lot since purchasing my M4 a few months ago. Today I installed one of SOCOMguy’s (of this forum) 7 round mag tube today. When I first got a hold of him he had several black ready to roll out the door. I wanted to match my Titanium Cerakote, so he had a custom coating done and the color match is PERFECT. I just wanted to post a few pics so anyone looking at their options can see what it looks like installed.

The install went smooth, thanks to being prepped with information found here. I also added the FFT forends and follower for 922R compliance. I think it took longer to get the FFT forends on than to change the magazine tube (about 20 min.). Then thanks to the instructions on FFT's site, I put the forward ends of the forends in first and installation then went smooth. I think they should put the install tip in the bag with the parts !

Me low.jpg

M4 lean low.jpg

closeup low.jpg

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Looks good! Joe is a great guy. I ordered a tube from him and it is really nice. I ordered a heat gun to assist with the removal of factory tube, but read somewhere a blow dryer did the same thing so I gave it a shot and 15 min later it was off and new one was on. Needless to say in my case, didn't need the specialty heat gun.

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