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New Product Announcement - Benelli M4 Mount from AVATactical.com - Discount Available


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Joel, thank you for a very well made product! I'll post pics when my camera battery charges up and figure out how to post pics.


The light I mounted is a Nitecore P12 with 950 lumens and does everything you need it to do. It is 1" diameter throughout, so it has plenty of clearance and it mounts on the tail cap so you can change batteries with ease. Flippin' love this setup!

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Gentlemen -


After a long hiatus from meaningful shooting (Very busy time of year for my day job), I was able to finally get out this weekend to do some significant round count.


Background is testing with the new Surefire slick sided lights, namely the Fury series. Previously I did some quick testing with snap rings, shrink wrap tube and the results seems positive but I wanted to get a lot of rounds down range using something even more common that I suspected would work and be a bit more scientific about it before I reported back.


On this same issue I worked with a client who is on this board, I won't name them publically unless they wish to talk about it as well, on a replacement sling ring which is shaped to prevent movement on the Fury lights as well. Before having any made, I wanted to test these other methods and gauge interest.


In any event, here are my results...


I put over 400 rounds of buck shot, and another 200 or so of Walmart bulk-pack down the M4 today with a P2X Fury simply wrapped in plain old duct tape with witness marks on it to show any movement.


Here's what it looked like when I got back to the house to take a picture of it:




Even the buck was 100 pack from Gander Mountain, so it's not the heaviest of 3 in mags, but I can't imagine if this many rounds did not move the Fury anything would or could.





I can't see any movement in the witness marks. If there is any at all it's so negligible, it can't matter.


So that's my results. I wouldn't expect anybody to use duct tape like this, but if you put it on your light or mount and trim it you wouldn't be able to see it. Or you can use black shrink wrap, anything that interferes with the slick on slick surfaces.


This is the cost of when we combine slick aluminium lights (this being the first ones I have ever dealt with - I am sure this fury series will slide around in most other mounts as well because they are slick as well) - in slick surfaced mounts. Most mounts are designed to grip the cross hatching on lights absent on the Fury.

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Part 2. Fury Clearance.


As most know, this mount was built for low profile and was built for 6/E series lights. Fury came out during development and has a larger bezel. If offers some nice lumen #s which I think attracts folks.


The issue is the bezel does not have appropriate clearance. Some folks mount them, and they do 'Fit', but they can / do touch the barrel.


Here are my results from testing, after 600+ rounds:










I noticed when mounting these you can make the light bezel vary in distance to the barrel depending on how you torque the clamp. Front first, back first, etc.


I tried to clamp it with it in the most neutral position, naturally resting at the clearance it would have without torquing it oddly or forcing it away from the barrel.


The results are clear in that the bezel will touch the barrel under recoil. It is a small contact area and for some heavy shooters this won't matter to them, but for some this rubbing will be an issue. I can't say how to prevent it, I only think you could use a buffer prevent metal on metal.



I can prevent this with a new clamp which also spaces the light out further, or possibly a sling ring dimensioned to forced the bezel a bit further from the barrel. But volume will dictate if this is possible to make these for this purpose.


At the same time, if a clamp, I can have them cross hatched before being finished to prevent the light from walking. but this cross hatching will bite into your Fury as well.


Speak up about what you want from this product.

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Seems to me the slipping issue has various and very easy fixes without manufacturing new items. But in any event, I'll throw another cheap idea that works.

Story, when I was at my shop, I watched a guy install new sights on an HK. HK supplies this little punch that looks like a punch totally engulfed in a hard rubber plastic. This gave me an idea because I install all my own sights. I decided to go to Home Depot and utilize the same idea HK did. I started dipping my punche's ends in rubber dip which can be had for about 4 bux a can which lasts forever. It is usually used for dipping tool handles either to insulate them or just for keeping them non-slip, (being the key word of the moment)... I had to do multiple dips. (Dip, let dry, dip, let dry, etc)... I created an average size punch that would not mark the sights or the gun.


OK, so along this thought process. Get some of this stuff. Comes in different colors, but most common is black. Take a Q-Tip, dip it in and quickly add a thin layer inside the AVA mount. Viola. Solved Problem!

Hope this helps... :)

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  • 1 month later...

That is some serious mustard.


Your friend had excellent taste in firearms. He trusted you with them, which is a great honor.

No doubt he is missed. You have my condolences.


Some AVA Tactical love.



Recently picked up two new Benelli M4's, top and bottom from a friend who passed away. As you can see, he had great tastes in weapons.

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Thanks M2. No note was a little troubling in our case. I find myself endlessly searching belongings looking for one. I even looked down the barrels of the weapons to see if there was something shoved in there.


He he did keep his dark sense of humor until the end. He was wearing a shirt that said, "I shaved my balls for this?"I didn't notice it due to his position upon discovery, but when forensics rolled him over, we had to laugh.

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Well,........look at it this way. He has freed himself from the demons that haunted him.

While there were other option, this was his choice. Try to find peace in that.


My friend Chris did not leave a note. He left a wonderful wife and a 9 month old son.

We have a few thoughts, but never have been able to sort out the answer. I wish I

could have helped him, wish I could have prevented it. It was his choice, I still miss him.

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My 5 year old daughter was close with him. That was one of the hardest conversations I've ever had. I was also his boss for ten years and I had to terminate him a week before he punched out. He had calenders where he would line out each day one by one and write a number in each day. I realized it was how many days he had been sober. It was over 3000. The day I fired him was the last line.


I dont blame lame myself for the termination. I feel his issues caused the termination and led him to where he was. I offered him a place to stay rent/utility free until he got in his feet. He figured a Hemingway Solution was easier though.

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The snap rings that have been mentioned here before have worked for me. Although, they do take away from great design, they work.


Before I installed these rings, I had my P2 Fury fall off the gun onto the ground. That is when I told you that I also lost one of the mount screws as well.


I now have everything back together and it seems to work fine and it doesn't look all that bad.

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Absolutely, these slick lights have been walking. Even textured lights have walked without 50-60 in lbs of torque with mag loads, etc. I have a prototype ring that replaces the factory sling ring that fixes this as well. The snap rings work 100% as well. A textured clamp will solve it too.


In my testing, using 50 in lbs and shrink wrap or some duct tape, trimmed so you cannot even see it, prevents the slick lights from walking.


I plan to do something permanent...

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I cut a half-moon from steel shim stock .015" and placed it between the clamp and tail cap to space the Surefire Fury away from the barrel; now it unscrews for battery changes without rubbing. I also use a snap ring to prevent forward movement. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/sight-scope-installation-tools/scope-shims/kit-no-ac-24-steel-shim-stock-prod589.aspx

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I'm interested in the mount but don't believe the torch I have (elzetta bravo AVS) will work with it. I do believe a fury specific mount would work though. The malkoff low-pro head isn't something i feel i need. This mount on the other hand.... If anyones running a AVS Bravo I'd appreciate your feedback on compatibility. Thanks in advance.

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