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Installing the Briley Carbon Fiber Mag Tube

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So just a quick question. When installing the Briley carbon fiber mag tube do you use Red Loctite on the new tube like on the original Benelli part? I'm thinking should I want to replace the carbon fiber tube in the future would heating the end of the tube damage the carbon fiber? Use Blue Loctite or none needed?  Thanks in advance!

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Received a reply to an email to tech support at Briley MFG. Of course they recommend Red Loctite. But I'm going with Blue Loctite so I can resell it if I ever change it out 😀

"Yes you will need to use a thread locker on the magazine.  Typically we use  high strength Loctite 271 which is red in color but even a a high strength thread locker found in you local hardware will work well.  You will need to strip the receiver completely to apply heat to the magazine so as to release the factory thread locker.  To avoid discoloration to the receiver apply the heat to the magazine as close as you can go to the receiver and allow it to transfer to the threads. You will need to carefully clamp the receiver and have something you can use to grab on the hot magazine so as to unscrew it.  Clean and degrease all the threads thoroughly before applying thread locker.  Hand pressure is adequate when tightening the magazine and then allow about 20 minutes for the locker to set before assembly.  Full cure is 24 hours." 



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Got some range time yesterday. Surprise..... didn't think to check capacity before going to the range but turns out I could only get 6 rounds of 2.75" Federal slugs in the magazine. Performed just fine though. I didn't have time when I got home to investigate the reason but will get some time next week. I don't think the extended follower is the problem. It slides over the spring pretty easily so shouldn't take up any more spring length. I'll probably swap the FFT follower back just to make sure. I'll have to double check the spring provided by Briley with the tube. Definitely longer then the factory spring that came with the 5 round tube but that is expected. So other than cutting a full coils off the Briley spring anything else I should look for?

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On 11/13/2020 at 7:32 AM, gm2376 said:

Is it necessary to use loctite at all? Would a real good hand tight lock it in? I am thinking for cleaning purposes, no loctite.

I'm with you.  Since changing out the mag tube from OEM to Nordic Comp to FFT to Carrier Comp, I have never used loctite.  Hand tight works for me, but I check it during reassembly to make sure it remains tight.  Then again, I don't use the mag tube spring retaining clip either, I just let the barrel locking nut do the work of keeping the spring in the mag tube (always wear safety glasses (or close your eyes?) when dicking with that mag spring!).  That makes it easier to run a dry swab-its down the mag tube on occasion to remove any dust or dirt.  No lubing the in the mag tube or on the spring.

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